Wyoming high dry cool. Zero Income Tax. Pro business. less bugs and vermin.

Ticks inject thousands of germs into you with each bite.
Plants lack immune systems but have thousands of chemicals to fight off insects and their germs.

Eat herbs, spices, teas to get those chemicals to help your immune system to work for you. Traditional medicines of China India teach you what plants to consume. Learn how to cook and prepare those plants to boost you!
Get job in Asian restaurant in Honolulu and take college cooking classes and biochemistry.

People love the high desert southwest because it is sunny with views, aesthetics, dry humidity, low allergens…. Easy to get outdoors even in winter – not much snow.
Also mosquitos and biting flies have trouble to survive without water. Too dry. Too cold at night. Or if a few survive at least can be easily avoided.
Put on long sleeve shirt and pants and go out comfortably at night in summer, jacket in fall, spring, winter. Can take off shirt in sun at noon even in winter.
We used to cool off after 4pm in the summer although only at 2222’ elevation at 10 inches of rain per year with cool air sliding off the 10000’ mountains to the west. Above 4000 start to get jet stream breezes and much cooler weather at night.

You need sun on your skin to make nitric oxide.
Without nitric oxide you will die – heart attack, etc.
Your red blood cells are big – barely squish thru your capillaries. Nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels so the blood will flow.
Nitrous oxide is called laughing gas used in dentist office anesthetics in old times.
Hunter gatherers don’t need dentists because no sugar and grains to rot their teeth. Paleolithic diet.
Make all the nitric oxide you need in your blood by sun on skin.

Walking helps circulation in addition to Nitric Oxide – keep blood flowing! especially to brain!
People designed to exercise all day, not sit driving, watching TV, computer, etc. Grow the brain and body.

Terrible mosquitos in Alaska Minnesota and high altitude areas with snow melt, rain, lakes…
Mosquitos need stagnant water, warm enough, and no fish to eat the mosquito larvae in lakes.

South Dakota is lower elevation, flatter, wetter, with huge industrial agriculture pesticides GMO etc.
Wyoming has less of these problems – higher dryer with little agriculture GMO herbicides, etc. Most of Wyoming is drier than Honolulu which is semi-arid like Los Angeles.

But Wyoming has huge coal and extractive industries that may pollute some areas. Check particular locations.
Jackson Hole Wyoming popular with rich people, skiers, Obama deep state etc. May be very corrupt sinners.

Southwest WY is Mormon Salt Lake suburbs with NSA government surveillance economy deep state corruption from Washington DC.
Mormons reproduce like rabbits, are young, white, educated, common in universities and government deep state.
Mormons like Jews and enjoy to living on stolen native American land Cheyenne, etc. Probably invaded into Nevada Idaho Wyoming Colorado etc.
Mormons similar to Zionists?

Mormons stash food and have survival strategies but will probably die much sooner than Native Americans and Amish if SHTF


Wyoming spirit, low-drama, tenacious and independent
Life is easier slower in Wyoming
a place where you actually appreciate the sunsets

Wyoming shrinking agricultural small towns median age is above 40 Cheap houses, ranches, etc.

cyclist on a pedestrian bridge downtown Laramie many call Laradise University of Wyoming vegetable wall hanging in downtown Laramie
Wyoming’s dependence on coal and oil money vulnerable to boom-and-bust cycles.

Wyoming – Wikipedia.pdf


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  1. hi. enjoy your blog! if you don’t mind a suggestion: using more punctuation will help your readers understand what you’re really saying. keep-up the good topics. madge

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