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w_pacb45c4.gifLearning Python (Free eBook for limited time)

What You Will Learn: Get Python up and running on Windows, Mac, and Linux in no time, Grasp the fundamental concepts of coding, along with the basics of data structures and control flow, Write elegant, reusable, and efficient code in any situation, Understand when to use the functional or the object oriented programming approach, , Explore examples of GUIs, scripting, data science and web applications, Learn to be independent, capable of fetching any resource you need, as well as dig deeper.

w_aaaa4561c4.gifAn Introduction to AWS Security

Learn the most important aspects of AWS security. AWS is an incredibly rich ecosystem of services and tools, some of which have security aspects baked in (like S3 SSE), and others that provide overarching security capabilities (like IAM and VPC) that apply to many services. With regard to data storage, operating system, and applications, security functions largely the same in the cloud or on-premises software. Customers can and should continue to follow best practices that have served them well in their own data centers.

w_aaaa4074c4.gifSQL-on-Hadoop Engines Explained

Hadoop is regarded as one of the best platforms for storing and managing big data – but Hadoop APIs like HDFS, MapReduce and HBase can be quite complex for non-technical users. A programming interface must be put into place to retain Hadoop’s performance and scalability while being leveraged by reporting and analytics tools non-technical users understand and recognize. SQL is a high – level, declarative, and standardized database language. t’s supported by almost all reporting and analytical tools, and has proven its worth over and over again.

w_aaaa5035c4.gifSix Essential Elements of Web Application Security

An introduction to defending your business against today’s most common cyber attacks. Like all competitive businesses, your application developers and operation teams are constantly under pressure to move quickly. Everybody wants their application security efforts to be effective, but only if they don’t unduly impede workflow or drive up costs. To balance these potentially-competing objectives, industry-leading organizations often use six elements in their approach to web application security. Download this white paper to learn more!

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