Wyoming high dry cool

Hawaii has the healthiest weather culture food air water.
But Wyoming has Altitude and
zero income taxes
best business environment.
Altitude is closer to the sun so you can get vitamin D, Nitric Oxide, etc. Cool high dry is good for vigorous exercise as I found in Lake Tahoe. University of Wyoming is 7000 foot highest in USA.
High dry WY altitude kills off mosquitos, germs, bugs, snakes, mice, rats,…

Hot climates CA AZ NV forces people to go indoors under fossil fuel air conditioning so don’t get enough sun so people die from Lack of Nitric Oxide, Vitamin D, skin cancer, etc. For good health, Temperature must be relatively mild
You have to go outdoors daily in the sun.
I am exercising in the gyms around here daily which are good workouts but not enough sun and not very aesthetic.
I prefer the great outdoors such as Honolulu, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc. Yesterday our high temp in the 70s, cool foggy such as Los Angeles.
I don’t see how people can live in Fresno, Riverside CA, Phoenix, Las Vegas, etc.

Nevada vs Wyoming Incorporation copy.pdf


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