Mad Cow Cannibals nearly ate President Bush 1: Chichijima incident

I was reading a book on cannibalism and Mad Cow Disease (caused by cow cannibalism)
and related disease in humans caused by cannibalism
and cannibalism in Europe.
May be related to Alzheimers and other dementias.

Dr. Laura Manuelidis discovered a very small virus that causes the disease.
It can survive the stomach acids and digestive juices to make people sick.
Her Site is below

Another reason to be vegan or vegetarian.
CAFO confined animal feeding operations poses many problems for humans and the animals.
Some diseases take decades to show up.
No such disease as mad carrot or mad apple or mad cabbage!

I never heard of this freak coincidence on President Bush in the Chichijima incident
So much for trying to learn anything by listening to the liberal news media.
Maybe trying to suppress news of multicultural cannibalism Japan WWII.
If President Bush was eaten by Cannibals then history would have been different.

VP Rockefellers son was eaten by Cannibals in a different incident.
The same cannibals that get the human brain disease similar to Mad Cow disease, I think.
Probably many liberals and missionaries were eaten by the same tribes as discussed in the book.

Laura M:

Dr. Manuelidis studies neurodegenerative diseases, with an emphasis on infectious human Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and sheep scrapie, and has developed unique animal and culture models.

These models have revealed fundamental routes of infection, innate immune responses to a foreign infectious agent, and structural characteristics of the infectious particle.

Infectious particles can be stripped of detectable prion protein (PrP) yet remain highly infectious.

Nucleases destroy infectivity but not PrP and Host PrP misfolding appears as a late stress response to trap and eliminate these infectious agents.

Her unexpected discovery that circular “SPHINX” DNAs derived from prokayotes are present in mammalian brain cells has major ramifications for the evolutionary symbiosis with the environment.


MD Yale University (1967)

BA Sarah Lawrence College (1963)


• Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Mad Cow Disease Alzheimer’s Disease
New Haven, United States (2008)

Professor Manuelidis has collaborations with investigators abroad on “mad cow disease” and human Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.

Laura Manuelidis, MD

Professor of Surgery (Neuropathology);
Section Chief Neuropathology (Surgery);
faculty Virology and Neurosciences

Manuelidis Lab

Molecular Virology:
Virology laboratories

Neural Disorders


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