Hawaii long life healthy happy. Why:

I suspect the homeless are happier in Hawaii and live longer than most other places.
I read that some localities give homeless a free plane ticket to Hawaii.
Most homeless will eagerly take the ticket to get better outdoor weather and welfare benefits in Hawaii.
I saw many homeless in some areas but not many in other areas, indeed zero in some areas that I would frequent.
If SHTF you want mild weather to survive without heating and cooling equipment.

One can easily inspect the price indexes on cost of living in Hawaii
I went to Hawaii and approximated that the prices are as high as the indexes suggest.
That may be one reason that people live longer.
High prices discourage consumption; even block overconsumption.
Excessive eating, buying, shopping, large houses, large cars, etc. are all detrimental to health and survival.
High prices are probably are good for health and wealth.

High prices will push you to consume healthier local foods that do not get imported.
Part of the goal would be to shed bad mainland consumption habits.
Work instead of spend as in the protestant work ethic.

My impression is that the bulk of the population are rather low income relative to the prices paid.
So the people seem rather poor.
Houses, cars, and most buildings are worse than around here but cost more.
Also the people may be poorly educated with Universities not up to Mainland standards.
But the lower grades may be ok.
It may be hard to get a good fix on education of who is actually on the islands.
There does seem to be an upper crust that would skew the statistics.
The University has a lot of Ivy League professors and the Hospitals are highly rated for the same reason.
There will probably be a big gap between the rich white owners and retirees and the bulk of the population.
Still they live longer so that would require analysis.
The article pointed out that they are happy.
The good diet and exercise opportunities lead to good health and happiness.
People’s pharmacy this week has a podcast on the importance of outdoors and parks for health.
I suspect that is a big part of it and why rich whites are better off in Hawaii so keep coming.
They pay taxes and high prices to live longer in Happy Hawaii.
Others may prefer to move to DC to become a dead pundit.

Huffington post founded by Breitbart is a very popular website struggling to provide enough quantity and quality content to survive.
I will often click on Huffpo or similar sites when they come up in google searches before disinformation blogs unless I am searching for disinformation.

The happiness, focus on relationships, laid back, and not worrying was something that I have not seen in most comparisons.
So at least it addresses the possibility.
Hard to measure very well, or impossible?
No ready statistics.
I did notice some of these factors on my trip a few years back.
I suspect the Huffpo writer is right on looking at those factors.
Consider the less quantifiable in addition to water quality, air quality, hospital quality, college quality, education, crime, disease, death, weather, latitude, longitude, altitude, radioactivity etc. that have better statistics.
Beauty of the views and readily availability of the outdoors are too famous to waste time on research and many photos online by google.
Hawaii is a huge outlier on longevity that needs explaining.
Maybe even become a live Happy Hawaii pundit instead of a Dead DC pundit.

From: Ron


This is frankly a “puff” piece. No doubt Hawaiians live longer than residents of Miss. No need to apply statistical analysis here. What is their socioeconomic and education level comparisons? Are “focusing on relationships” and “not worrying” more of function of financial security as opposed to simply living in Hawaii? The island of Hawaii has a growing homeless problem on the beaches and in the coastal parks. Were any ot those persons interviewed for this article? Better comparisons could be made to New Zealand, Caribbean, etc. More objective analysis would consider radiation levels from Fukishima or future geopolitical implications (eg North Korea.) Had a friend who retired from the State of California. He moved to Hawaii and returned in two years complaining about high prices and the need to import much. As an aside I do not consider the Huffington Post an objective or credible source.

Just my thoughts,


Jo wrote:

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/04/hawaii-life-expectancy_n_3682588.html via

Brookings Institution – Wikipedia.pdf


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