Gender Transition Re: Getting downright creepy

Their brains are fried by Cell Phones
Their genitals are fried by laptops
too much electronics TV Radio computers social media
Educated by Hollywood Jews
Most teens have senile dementia already
Brains shrunk by junk food and lack of exercise
It seems the genders are becoming less distinct
Kind of blurring it all, affected by diet and drugs.
Hormones in the junk food are well know—-a conspiracy?
Chelsea Manning long article for one example:

On Jun 13, 2017, at 8:59 PM, Bob wrote:

Nearly 50% of Millennials Fine with Feds Taking Kids from Parents Who Don’t Support Transitioning

Taking “in loco parentis” to a new level.

Here’s the question posed to young Americans: should the government “remove children from homes where the parents refuse to provide resources for gender transition?”

(Don’t sneer at this question. The Canadian government can do just that.) The question didn’t include an age restriction for the kids. Want to hear the results of the poll?

Fully 18 percent of the 1,402 respondents answered yes;
another 27 percent said they were unsure.

Among female respondents, a majority stated that children should either be removed from the home (21 percent), or they were unsure (33 percent).

A whopping 60 percent of Clinton voters felt the same way;

just seven percent of those who voted for Trump said yes, and 15 percent said they were unsure.

Among self-described liberals, 47 percent said they were either in favor of government removal (10 percent) or unsure about it (37 percent).

In other words, almost half of all millennials were “open” to the government forcibly intervening “in a family if parents refuse to cater to the transgender notions of their children.”


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