Move to Alexandria Virginia home of deep state

Move to Alexandria Virginia
Home of Deep State DC politicians and pundits
Bring your guns
Help protect Republicans
Be a hero
Get rich.
Money in politics
Work as a pundit talking head in Think Tank
They go to lunch every day drink healthy martinis and red wine Talk to them directly to learn what is going on in politics. Politics are a waste of time unless you do something about it. Better to die young and famous than old and worthless
Die young leave a beautiful corpse
Die younger than if you move to Long Life Hawaii,_Virginia
# Employer # of employees
1 United States Department of Commerce 1,000 & over
2 United States Department of Defense 1,000 & over
3 Alexandria City Public Schools 1,000 & over
4 City of Alexandria 1,000 & over
5 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority 500–999
6 Northern Virginia Community College 500–999
7 United States Department of Agriculture 500–999
8 United States Department of Homeland Security 250–499
folks of the city were:
• 60.9% White
• 21.8% African American
• 6.0% Asian
(1.3% Indian, 1.0% Filipino, 0.9% Chinese, 0.8% Korean, 0.5% Thai, 0.3% Vietnamese,
Think Tank Row (Washington DC) – Wikipedia.pdf


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