Computerized government by Facebook

Jaron Lanier is right for the reasons stated in the interview.
There is more to it but he lacks PhD in economics so he cannot see the big picture.

Jaron Lanier was a leader in virtual reality 1992 that I may have met and read some of his stuff. He is From New Mexico started college age 14 NMSU I was living nearby.

NPR has many great interviews you can’t get elsewhere.
You can’t be a good pundit if you can’t access that info.
Some shows can save your life.

You always want a wide cross section of info sources both left and right wing
Especially now when left and right are merging under Trump populism. As Trump said himself. He is right.
My 5th grade teacher from misery Missouri said that in politics left and right are like a horseshoe. True now.

“J. C. JOHN wrote:

> NPR… full of leftist lunatics. Be careful what you read, and very careful if what you believe. > Another questionable piece. The guy condemns social media yet doesn’t use it? >
> John


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