NO tea coffee chocolate alcohol tobacco. Move to a large city

Always seek large samples of data.
You can always find outliers who do not conform to the overall trend.
Especially when big company $ hold up freaks to be paradigms – traditional fake news.
Don’t try to be a copy cat freak because you cannot copy everything the freak did.

In many cases the freaks are fakes.
$ pay an 30 year old hippie to say they are a 90 year old veteran and how vices are good for you.
You can’t tell by looking. You don’t have to pay them much $ to get them to say anything.
It is very hard to verify identity, age, even under the best circumstances as the Obama birth certificate controversy showed. Measure, verify everything.

The quoted study is for lots of people over a long time.
The huge disparity of death rates are not due to genetics.
Genes do not vary that much between large populations in the USA. Genes do not change very fast over 50 years.
Death rates vary due to diet, exercise, lifestyle, electronics, TV etc.
You can also vary your own diet and lifestyle to get similar results experimenting on yourself.
And move a lot and do lots of different sports and meet lots of people to learn the same facts by observation. One reason I am in the midwest findings and rumors confirmed by reality.
What little genetic variation there is says different sets of foods must be used and different exercises appropriate. Takes some study and work to optimize any person / sport.

In Rome do as the Romans do, and experience the same syndromes.
Move to a large healthy state and do what the healthiest people in that state do. Move to Hawaii, go to the beach, and eat Japanese food.

On May 29, 2017, at 1:19 PM, ron wrote:

Read about him the other day. Too much regimentation may be a bad thing. Stay busy but enjoy this paradigm we call life. Jack Lalanne (1914-2011) worked out vigorously daily but also enjoyed wine and singing.”gotta’ have a little fun” was his quote. Although I train with weights and cycle most days I also enjoy coffee and beer daily.

“J. C. JOHN wrote:

Here’s more advice from a 109 yr old WWII Veteran.

On May 29, 2017, at 10:04 AM, Ron wrote:

All good advice but there are other factors working here. As an example Jeane Louise Calment (1875-1997) longest confirmed life. Favorite food was chocolate. Enjoyed wine and whisky daily. Exercised daily but enjoyed Dunhill cigarettes at night.


On 29 May 2017 at 05:15, joe wrote:

I completely quit coffee and tea in stages slowly over a month going from coffee -> black tea -> green tea I felt much better with each reduction in caffeine load
Physically stronger,
can walk longer
sleep better.
Mentally clearer all day
Better balance
lower blood pressure
caffeine is a diuretic so was getting dehydrated and rehydrated too many trips to bathroom. caffeine boosts blood sugar which is a toxin
Then boosts insulin and causes low blood sugar a yo-yo effect Stimulates appetite for sweets and junk food.
Not needed.

I quit chocolate years ago and no alcohol since the military. Never liked alcohol or tobacco.
Chocolate and tea has both good and bad effects, but mostly bad. Coffee all bad effects.
The stuff put in coffee is worse than coffee.
Starbucks is a conspiracy to destroy health of the sheeple.


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