magnetic fields affecting you

Move if your magnetic field disagrees with you.
Beware of any large moving iron steel ferrous objects such as cars, trains, planes, etc.
Beware of small moving ferrous objects such as refrigerator motors, computer hard disk drives, garbage disposals, drills, pumps, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, etc.
Electrical autos probably an impending health disaster.
Electro magnetics not well understood.
Disease not well understood.
If you sense a problem change everything!
especially location, diet, exercise, education,…
Before problem the problem kills you.
Even if you don’t sense a problem move to a new state every few years so problems don’t build up undetected.
Not just magnetics and electronics, other problems:
germs, pollution, allergens, people, animals, insects, plants, bad culture, radon, bad air, lack of sunlight, etc.
Growth requires change.

I remember eerie feelings when walking around remote areas in New Mexico
Maybe the strange magnetic field around there.
New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment
Very unpopulated, maybe never explored.
Often very beautiful and rugged.
Maybe a landing site for extraterrestrials


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