Your Genetic Map

College students here seem civilized, well groomed, and well mannered compared to California.
Many are smart and classes more advanced than California even though this college is probably #4 or worse in the state.

People in general around here seem friendlier to me.
Maybe I am related to or genetically similar so look and act similar.

People get tuned to certain climates often similar to that of their European Ancestors.
Birds of a feather flock together so diseases spread thru the whole flock.
People often lack horizontal mobility so get stuck in bad places suffering from learned helplessness cannot escape.
Brain grows when you move frequently and you learn facts from different kinds of people
I have complicated genetics and lived all over, learned to detect differences in people
I can make out some of the differences in people in the map below which is the British Isles French Spanish early immigrants
Does not incorporate very well the more recent waves of Germans, Jews, Eastern Europeans, Asians, Latinos…
Weak study but does get some obvious results
Genetics study is in its infancy


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