Nevada Explosion. -> thyroid problems

Good video
Some chemicals may still be there
Avoid living around chemicals and explosives.
Hard to know where all this stuff is.
We have lead mines etc around Joplin and more.
Heavy metals build up in the human body.

Ruthe wrote:
In case you never saw it. I was less than 5 miles away.
She lived in Henderson at the time. Pepcon Blast in Henderson, NV 1988

exposure to perchlorates, even in low concentrations,
has been shown to cause various thyroid problems,
as it is taken up in place of iodine.

an industrial disaster that occurred in Henderson, Nevada on May 4, 1988 at the (PEPCON) plant.
The explosions killed two people, injured 372 others, and caused an estimated US$100 million of damage.
A large portion of the Las Vegas Valley within a 10-mile radius of the plant was affected,
several agencies activated disaster plans.


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