Escape from California Alaska Fwd: SHTF BMW mini no gas

I was trying to address the SHTF situation with no gasolineHow to move a vehicle with no gasoline?
Smaller will be much easier to push / pull under human power
If you are lucky your horse can pull it
Many scenarios there is no gas
Liberal news media talk about firing of Comey to distract the sheeple and hide the danger of massive bird flu epidemic this year
Dead truck drivers cannot bring gas to your gas station
Dead bankers cannot get your credit card to work
Dead criminals cannot rob you or shoot you
Nobody will show up for work in California, Alaska, Oregon, Mexico…
May be better off in Nevada desert if you can push a light livable vehicle over the mountains without a horse
My oldest sister got one of the first Toyota 4runners and moved onto acres remote rural Gardnerville? Nevada decades ago.

UC scientists recommend taking measures to … of avian influenza, noted that California is within the Pacific Flyway.
Recent detections of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5 … on avian influenza findings in the Pacific Flyway is available on USDA’s website.
Animal health officials rush to curb spread of bird flu virus from … The Pacific Flyway, the route traveled by virus-carrying fowl
Avian Influenza is a disease of wild birds and domestic poultry caused by many …. on the Alaskan flyway, Atlantic flyway and the Pacific flyway
Backyard chickens are susceptible to avian flu spread by birds migrating on the Pacific flyway
Bird flu outbreak is nation’s worst in years. March 22,2017 at 12:53 PM. The Avian influenza virus
2017, USDA confirmed highly pathogenic avian influenza(HPAI) H7 in … adjusted and applied to effectively control any new virus outbreak.
The Pacific Flyway is a major north-south flyway for migratory birds in America, extending from Alaska to Mexico to Patagonia South America.
Every year, migratory birds travel some or all of this distance both in spring and in fall, following food sources, heading to breeding grounds, or travelling to overwintering sites.

Pacific Flyway – Wikipedia


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