TOO much exercise causes a leaky gut and increases health risks, research shows (and be especially careful if you work in the military)

Nobody gets too much exercise. Almost.

Military feeds junk food to soldiers. Gluten sugar GMO CAFO is cheap.

Students here love burgers hot dogs pasta pizza setting up for diseases later. Many already fat sick weak. Look at who eats what and what is wrong with them. I can tell at the gym who eats junk food.

In this study including sucralose a poison to the microbiome. Avoid all sweeteners. Especially artificial sweeteners.

Jim Fixx proved you cannot run away from a bad diet. But running helped him live longer than his male relatives.

Boycott the military until they fix the food and quit losing wars.

Norwegians live too far north so need better diets. Especially under hard work. Not Army junk food.

Steve wrote:
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