Bubble Trouble: Educated live longer vs Eloi Re: walk 8 miles per day. eat natural. Death Rate: Move to where White People Die less

I live in a luxurious but very low cost deflated area with high quality housing everywhere like an upscale version of Boston or San Francisco.
Prices on everything is low so students dress well, fancy haircuts, tattoos, piercings, fancy cars, apartments, houses,…
Mostly white, Republican and upscale but there is a large population of uneducated addicts and homeless and a supposedly high crime rate, obesity, dementia, diabetes,… junk food, TV, lack of exercise,

2017 update to the 1960 time machine movie applied to the recent election.
Katy Perry is the first double billionaire in youtube views with the best Hollywood video production team that money can buy.
Her new song “Chained to the Rhythm” shows California Eloi hypnotized by music, TV, amusement parks… on the road to extermination
Lyrics “So comfortable we’re living in a bubble/So comfortable we cannot see the trouble.”
Black Sage Marley reincarnated emerges from the TV announcing the end of empire.
Mass execution by hanging that the Eloi voluntarily step into as an amusement park ride.
Liberals are questioning their big government strategy when that government is increasingly taken over by Republicans.
Both Liberals and Conservatives are slowly starting to see the very real extermination conspiracies being orchestrated by big government globalists worldwide.


On May 5, 2017, at 1:06 PM, Ron wrote:

Interesting analogy.Have thought this for sometime. I work in a very high end area. These are the so called “beautiful people” who very much resemble the Eloi in the original 1960 movie. Exercise and pedicures. Style and fashion. Most especially the men would be useless in a SHTF situation. They are self centered and terrified of the rest of the world As in the movie they will end up making concessions to the Morlocks (deplorables) all around them. Do the rabble become the controllers?

joe wrote:

I agree education is very important to health.
General education helps and health education can help more, especially cooking and physical education.
Professors are one of the longest lived professions.
My math professor’s wife just gave birth to twin boys.
He is older than me and his wife less than half his age, not unusual.
I just discovered my favorite branch of math and started 2 impossibly difficult projects.

Everybody needs take at least one class per semester and walk to class for exercise.
Take hard math science classes usually less than $1000 per semester at state universities.
M.D. is useful for health education and you can experiment on yourself and people legally.
DVM Doctor of veterinarian is easier and covers most of the same material and you can help animals.
Pharmacy covers chemical issues.
Phd molecular and cellular biology the foundation for many such fields.
Ecology for the big picture.
Much new knowledge each decade.

You can save your life, improve health, often easily, yourself or others.
Or make a lot of money easily from an amazingly small amount of knowledge.
Ignorance is a recipe for disaster.
Nobody can learn it for you, you have to grab the bull by the horns and learn it for yourself.

Human populations are growing into Eloi in the 1960 movie “Time Machine”
that helped launch the career of Yvette Mimieux LA half French half Mexican.

1% are producers, Morlocks
99% are consumers, Eloi

In the book humanity has evolved into two separate species: the Eloi and the Morlocks.
The Eloi live a banal life of ease on the surface of the earth.
The Morlocks live underground, tending machinery and providing food, clothing, and inventory for the Eloi.
The separation of species may have been the result of a widening split between different social classes.
Having solved all problems that required strength, intelligence, or virtue, the Eloi have slowly become dissolute and naive: sub-human intelligence.
They do not perform much work, except to feed, play, and mate.
Periodically, the Morlocks capture individual Eloi for food; and because this typically happens on moonless nights, the Eloi are terrified of darkness so watch TV too much.

In the 1960 film version of the book, the Eloi are depicted as identical to modern humans but small, blond, and blue-eyed.

In Dan Simmons’ Ilium novel, “Eloi” is a nickname for the lazy, uneducated, and uncultured descendants of the human race after the post-humans have left Earth.
Eloi being kept in “zoos” in restricted areas on Earth.
The Eloi are technically adept but don’t understand the technology; they regress and unlearn millennia of culture, thought and reason, until they are satisfied with the pleasure of merely existing.


On Apr 5, 2017, at 7:26 AM, Alan wrote:


Compare these two maps. It is not so much where you live, but your education level, which leads to less obesity, less tobacco use, and more exercise.

I am walking 1500 miles this year and next. I am at about 420 miles at the moment.




On Apr 5, 2017, at 6:06 AM, joe wrote:

Death has many causes and correlations.
Less death in sunny areas, high altitudes, low latitudes, rich people, educated people, good access to high quality health care, large cities, Chinese food, natural, organic foods.
Around here we have too much tobacco, alcohol, guns, drugs, junk food, fossil fuels, poverty, deflation, low altitude, mosquitos, rain, clouds, cold, computers, TV,…
People very quickly start to resemble the people around them.
Exercise is very important, and natural foods.
I am headed to gym first thing in the morning where big crowds of people bucking the trend by exercise.
Everybody needs peer pressure to stay fit and eat right.
Bad peers lead to early death.
Bad habits rub off on those around them.
Very hard to analyze mortality data to correlate with diet and lifestyle.
Can be done and agrees with common sense.
There are big pockets of good and bad within any large state.
California has very smoggy polluted areas very close to areas clean ocean air.
Fresno is called Death Valley by some.


The Tsimane are a native population in the Amazon who make a living by hunting, fishing, foraging and farming.
The group has preserved their culture and language for thousands of years.
And their way of life is incredibly good at protecting the heart, in The Lancet.

Of Tsimane people over age 40, about 85 percent have no atherosclerosis.
And nearly two-thirds over age 75 were apparently free of arterial plaque.

Compare that to Americans — who have exactly the opposite statistics.
Nearly 85 percent of Americans over age 45 have atherosclerosis.
And only 14 percent are free of the plaque.

That data means the heart of an 80-year-old Tsimane has the “vascular age” of an American in his or her mid-50s.
And the Tsimane have officially dethroned Japanese women as the group of people with the healthiest hearts in the world, the study reports.
The Tsimane now have the lowest levels of coronary artery disease ever recorded.

“I was just floored by the data,” Thomas says. “The Tsimane have extraordinarily healthy hearts.”

So what’s their secret?

To figure that out, Thomas and his colleagues measured the amount of calcium deposited in the coronary arteries of more than 700 Tsimanes between age 40 and 94.

The team also measured other factors connected to heart disease, such as blood pressure, body-mass index, cholesterol levels and inflammation levels.

On the surface, it wasn’t clearcut that the Tsimane’s would have such remarkable heart health. Their risk factors for heart disease are a mixed bag.

The group has low blood pressure and low cholesterol, on average. But they have low levels of the “good” cholesterol and high levels of chronic inflammation, which has been linked to heart disease.

In terms of weight: None of the Tsimane are obese but about a quarter of adults qualify as “overweight,” says Michael Gurven, an anthropologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, who contributed to the study.

The average BMI was about 24, which is near the upper end of normal, with a BMI of 25 considered overweight. “So it’s not that they are super-lean,” Gurven says.

The Tsimane get a ton of exercise, Gurven says, but it’s not really intense exercise.

“I think there’s a general stereotype that if you’re a hunter-gatherer and farmer, that you’re exercising vigorously every day, like the equivalent of running a marathon, and that’s not the case,” Gurven says. “It’s really just that they’re not sedentary.”

Instead the Tsimanes do a lot of walking — about 7 1/2 miles each day. And they’re active for more than 90 percent of daylight hours. In contrast, Americans spend about half their waking hours sitting down.

And finally, there’s diet. When you hear “hunter-gatherer,” people often think of the meat-packed paleodiet. But the Tsimane diet couldn’t be further from that.

More than 70 percent of their calories come from carbohydrates — ones that are packed with fiber, such as corn, cassava and plantains. The other 30 percent of the calories are split evenly between protein and fat. The Tsimane eat no transfat and very little simple sugars. In contrast, Americans still eat more than a gram of transfat each day and 22 teaspoons of extra sugar.


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