Metonomics: skinny sober good for body and mind

Good point although the problem today is people are too fat, not too skinny. Body builders, many athletes get down to 5% body fat or less. Skinny does not mean weakling.
Strong bones, joints, tendons, etc. are essential.
Weight bearing exercise stimulates bone growth.
Why I am doing weights as much as walking to avoid osteoporosis and other degeneration. Sarcopenia is age related wasting away of muscles – not healthy at all.
The goal would be to get rid of excessive fat and add needed tissues such as bones, muscles, tendons etc. There are several kinds of fat – brown, white, beige… with many functions. White fat stored in big bellies is bad for you.
Fat emits hormones that regulate insulin, sugar use, mental function, etc.
Brown fat is loaded with mitochondria that convert the fat directly to energy to produce heat around arteries in legs, arms, feet, etc.
Should be able to measure bone strength, muscle strength, types of fat, hormone levels, etc. Optimize fat, muscle, bone weights.
Most people have far too much fat and far too little muscle and bone strength.
Drug addicts are often too skinny I guess they lose appetite when high on drugs but most of them look very weak muscles too.

One problem is the food system most of which a huge conspiracy destroying the health of the sheeple by GMO CAFO. Particularly meat is far too cheap and people eat far too much of it.
This book written by a lawyer with BA economics Berkeley details how this system operates. Many inter-related conspiracies and social pathologies- I read every page.
He does not get into all the health problems caused by this system due to his lack of education in health.
And missed the illegal immigration conspiracy and several other big conspiracies.

Animal products are the most polluted with all sorts of chemicals that cause animals to get fat and heavy but die young. People start to resemble the animals they consume.
I am shocked that the Chinese students are much taller than 37 years ago – as tall as the general white population around here.
We have 1000s of Chinese students and they are now very similar to USA students nowadays. China is a major importer of USA GMO CAFO foods and use our food technologies.

The trick is to figure out the proper weight of muscle, bone, tissues, fat, etc. Then figure out the proper diet to maintain those numbers.
I am moving toward pure vegan soon.
Why sudden interest in Hawaii again year round fresh fruits and vegetables.

I see a lot of good looking students and good athletes eating junk food sugar flour GMO CAFO. I wonder how well they will last, or what degenerative diseases they will get. I do note that many of the healthier looking ones eat healthier already. And junk food eaters often have fat sick looking parents.
Probably they will look bad after a few decades of eating junk.

Junk food disease dementia is becoming a global problem as foods and technologies are exported around the world.
Most of the economy is immorally creating disease or trying to cure disease incorrectly. A Death spiral that makes 1% rich.
Most of the skinny academics you discuss are defenders of the rich 1% establishment who have senile dementia.
They are hired and promoted for hot air bullshit and get stupider as they get older.
The brain grows 3% per year at any age if you get enough exercise and proper diet. Get some objective measures on IQ, speed, strength, endurance on these pundits.
Easy to see the correlations if you have the right experience with people and sports.

MEATONOMICS (Conari Press, 2013) is the first book to explore the unseen economic forces that drive our animal food system, and the strange ways these forces affect our spending, eating, health, prosperity, and longevity. Among other things, consumers have largely lost the ability to decide for ourselves what – and how much – to eat. Instead, those decisions are made for us by meat and dairy producers who control our buying choices with artificially low prices, misleading messaging, and heavy control over legislation and regulation. Learn what makes this bizarre system tick and how it can be fixed.

Ron wrote:

Joe I think skinny is not the entire picture. Body composition probably more important. Had a discussion with my MD. (also has PhD. in Gerontology). Body composition more important. Him and his colleagues couldn’t understand why skinny per se was not the controlling factor. Muscle is lost at a rate of 10% a decade after age 30. Building of muscle enables the internal organs to continue to function in the rebuilding of skeletal muscle. Often academics have an inate bias toward skinny as there has historically been a belief that upper classes particularly academics wished to display a physique suggesting they were erudite not needing to engage in manual labor

joe wrote:

The fat Jew mama died age 32
The 3 skinnies lived much longer.
The papas died in their 60s — drunks and addicts can’t hide from Wikipedia The sober slender lady beautiful Michelle Phillips is still active at 72. Had a great career in music and movies.
Skinniness helps brain and body.
Also avoiding drugs.
I heard an amazing interview of head Beach Boy Brian? Wilson say he recovered from mental illness when he gave up psychedelic drugs and ate more fruits and vegetables.
Musicians often live troubled lives, very troubled and painful and often very short.

Mamas and Papas music was good even in the 1960s golden age of rock pop People were skinnier back then as can see in the video.
Skinny jeans are back in style as history repeats another golden age of rock pop.

From: “Steve
Watch “The Mamas & The Papas – Monday Monday”


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