Water Filter Re: Pure spring water


Pure drinking water is very important.
I can taste bad stuff in water in every place I have lived.
Big Berkey sounds like a good water filter.
I found some reviews and comparisons online such as the below.

Clean Hawaii water would not muck up a filter as much.
Well water is often polluted even with no farms pesticides herbicides etc. nearby.
Around here we have natural lead and other poisons in our hard water.
Then city utilities add fluoride neurotoxin to the water.
Then plumbing adds additional chemicals.
Taste is bad and nobody knows how to do all the lab tests to detail all the problems.
Even after using the filter you should test the water to make sure it is pure.

Beyond bad water people put terrible things into their body and suffer the results.
I went to a conference and learned many small towns around here the drug addiction rate is 100% for young people.
Conservative talk radio 80 year old ex- chief prosecutor says drugs are skyrocketing compared to past decades.
Heroin growing faster but huge meth, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, and other problems.
Older people get legal drugs from medicare medicaid and are on SS disability.
White trash headed toward extinction as negro health improves but negroes are still very sick too.
Blacks reproduce faster so are younger skew statistics but Blacks are getting healthier compared to whites.
Mexico is nearly the fattest country in the world and have a huge diabetes epidemic.
Cheap sugar flour GMO CAFO

One of my motivations to join rich people in the the healthiest state Hawaii and do what they do to stay healthy.
Thunder Lightning all night incessant rain storms floods have to turn off this computer as they come back 7am.
Today the fourth 100 year flood in the past 7 years indicating terrible weather forecasting ability or climate change.
Dozens of organic cows killed by lightning a few miles east of here.
Very green beautiful environment but I don’t get enough sun on my skin or fresh outdoor air.
Work out indoors is effective in some ways but unaesthetic and incomplete without the sun and fresh air.


Berkey has really done their research here, and whilst this filtration system is perfect in the home for those of you that have a small to medium sized family, they have also created a unit that will allow you to gain access to clean water when you’re in a harsh environment.

It could be that you’re taking a trip and will be exploring the great outdoors (get those tents at the ready). It could also be that you’re in a situation where access to clean water is limited, or in the worst case scenario pretty impossible.

Now, you might be wondering what this system does, and this is where I aim to keep it as simple as possible. However, if you know little about contaminants, you might still want to read a little more on the different types of water contaminants in order to understand the process.

Below are some quick points that will hopefully make it easier to understand.

• The advanced filtration system will completely remove cysts, parasites and pathogen bacteria which are often present in water from stagnant ponds or rivers (if you ingest these, the consequences can be pretty horrendous as I’m sure you know).

• Your filtered water will also be free of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), TOC’s (total organic carbons), both of which can be a danger to your health. If that wasn’t enough, other chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, radon 222 and organic solvents will not be present in the filtered water either.

• Wait for it! Here’s a word you may not know, trihalomethanes. Simply put this is a by-product of chlorine which as we all know is routinely added to our drinking water. The Berkey water filtration system will deal with these as well.

• This model will also reduce (not eliminate) the amount of nitrates, and potentially harmful minerals such as mercury and lead.

• Of course, it goes without saying that fluoride, arsenic and residual metal ions will also be removed.

This may all be a lot to take in, and it might be quite shocking to discover all of the things mentioned above can be present in water. But, do remember this model is designed to make untreated water safe to drink and treated water taste far better.

So, now you know you can use this water filtration system for all types of water let’s move on to a couple of the more practical points.

Ease of Use

Bear in mind this unit isn’t designed to be hooked up to the water supply in your home (you wouldn’t be able to take it on trips with you if it was). It comes with a spigot at the bottom so drawing fresh water from it is as simple as turning a tap. It’s also made from stainless steel, so keeping it clean won’t be an issue either.


This is possibly one of the best benefits with this water filtration system. It will hold up to 2.5 gallons of water in its reservoir and will filter up to 3.5 gallons per hour. If you intend to take it on a trip with you, it won’t be hard to transport. You can nestle the top chamber into the bottom and when it’s packed it only stands at 13 inches high. This means it won’t take up that much room in your luggage.


The price of this water filtration system may seem a little more expensive than you would expect, but considering it wi


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