NO Coffee or tea, pills, arthritis, medical errors.


Another big storm moving in.
We did get a little sun yesterday.
Honolulu gets less than half the rain and more balanced sun throughout the year do to southern latitude so much easier to get required sun exposure every day of the year.

good MP3 audio downloads on People’s Pharmacy today:
1 interview with big shot arthritis doctor. Obesity the big problem.
Interesting marathon runners get less knee arthritis despite incessant pounding on the knees
but football players get more knee arthritis despite sitting or standing most of the time.
I suspect runner carbo loading diet is better than football protein loading diet most of whom are overweight.
Most marathon runners are skinny, some like running skeletons.
Football players big fat slobs and suffer the results including dementia.
Skinniness is next to godliness and easy to achieve.

Another interview Dr. Weil U Arizona Tucson Harvard big shot on natural medicine or something like that.
A very good speaker, on how to cure without pills using diet, exercise, and other techniques.
Pills kill 400,000 patients per year even though it is the right pill, right patient, and right indication!
Most of his stuff we all know but he adds a few tidbits every time he speaks constant research and study.
My uncle AJ followed his work carefully.
Arizona has some good places to live – very beautiful areas NE of Tucson into New Mexico.
Nobody knows about very remote, few roads, nearly uninhabited high altitude sunny warm.

Medical Errors are the third leading cause of death after cancer, heart!
Avoid doctors but learn proper cooking and exercise techniques and how to dangerous areas.

Beverage Caffeine Per 8 oz Cup


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