Sick Deep South vs: Sun and Lowest tax rate for the retired


You may have some opinions on this:
(One reason I want to get out of the disease system in Hawaii with strong healthy Asian influence Japanese the longest lived large country in the world)

The south is sick because of bad diet and lack of exercise.
They start drinking soda pop at an early age – develops a sugar addiction that leads to other addictions tobacco drugs alcohol…
Then overcook food and generally poor choices in food.

Their culture is based on imperialism aristocracy and slavery.
Their leaders thought work was drudgery and not a way to increase mental and physical health.
Education was too much work, ignorance bliss.
Go to ball games and watch negroes play ball instead of exercise yourself.
Values spread throughout the culture and migrated west into Los Angeles Hollywood Fresno etc.
Use fossil fuels for transportation instead of walking.
Use fossil fuels for heating and cooling instead of letting body work to adjust temperatures.
The lack of mental and physical work leads to low pay and poverty.
So end up eating cheap corporate junk food instead of gardening, cooking, fancy Chinese restaurants, etc.
Sit watch TV computers instead of go to college.
Get fat and dumbed down by electronics serving them ads for more junk food and sitting activities.
It is a vicious downward spiral.

There are always cliques of people often living nearby who do not follow the herd of sheeple into illness.
Retired people do not have to work with sickos.
Can cluster in with healthy groups.

But it is easier to find healthy groups in healthy rich hard working cities and states.
Birds of a feather flock together.
Can get better peer support and stay healthier in healthier cities and states.

Native Americans did not have these problems.
Try to eat a bison that can run 3 times faster than any human.
Go out into the forest and gather mushrooms, berries, nuts etc.
Needed brains and brawn to stay alive.
Must work hard to stay mentally and physically fit.

Bob wrote:

I didn’t know they had so many tax exemptions! Good for seniors but still I wonder why the obesity/diabetes capital is MS.


Steve wrote:

If you click on the bottom of the page it talks about the best places to retire including more factors than taxes.
Alaska is the worst state for retirement, as on the attached list.
Hawaii has much better health care, senior services, and of course, weather.

Kiplinger has a more detailed discussion.

I was looking at Mississippi a few years ago the homeland of my Choctaw native American ancestors.
Many Southern States have favorable taxation and low cost of living and mild weather, sun, and beaches.
Probably Mississippi is the lowest overall but very hard to calculate.
A high cost of living in some states wipes out any advantage in low taxation.

Mississippi has some of the cheapest housing in the USA and other costs are very low too.
University is in a small town but amenities of a large city.
Far south so lots of sun.
Gulf Coast Beaches.

Mississippi has the cheapest property taxes in the nation.
Seniors qualify for a homestead exemption on the first $75,000 of value.
So buy cheap and pay no property taxes at all.

State Sales Tax
7% state levy. Only two localties, Jackson (1%) and Tupelo (0.25%) add to that.

Income Tax Range
Low: 3% (on less than $5,000 of taxable income)
High: 5% (on more than $10,000 of taxable income)

Social Security Benefits are not taxed.

Exemptions for Other Retirement Income
Qualified retirement income


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