Coffee or tea, stretch martial arts

I converted from coffee to tea the past 4 mornings with great results.
3 cups of black tea + citrus peel instead of 2 cups of espresso.
I feel much better in the morning with better balance and coordination and more energy.
I walked 14 miles yesterday by accident while reading my phone.

I ran the same drop coffee experiment in 2003 and got the same benefit without any tea at all.
Just stopped coffee.
I don’t think coffee is as healthy as industry sponsored studies suggest.
Coffee is the most heavily pesticided chemicalized crop in the SAD Standard American Diet.
Coffee is the largest source of antioxidants in the SAD Standard American Diet.
Better to get antioxidants by walking in the ocean.
Coffee you must grind your own beans to avoid oxidation, acrylamide, molds, rancidity, etc.
Coffee you should grow your own in Hawaii, and roast the coffee beans yourself.
Then coffee may be ok.
But if SHTF coffee may not be available so better not to get addicted to anything.

Tea I can feel some benefit, especially green tea, but tea may contain fluorides that are neurotoxins.
Tea is much less shocking to the system immediately as but lasts longer than coffee and feels better all day.
Tea has less caffeine than coffee but lots of other beneficial chemicals.
Citrus peel I can feel some benefit if prepared right a huge blast of additional chemicals including Vitamin C complex.
I am trying more herbal teas and so far seems ok but lack much experience to say anything.

I was very sore from extreme stretching this week.
Takes several hours for a good stretch.
I Want to learn martial arts moves like shatter bricks with foot at 6 feet high.
Working on extreme flexibility, speed, coordination, balance and not brute strength.
Transition from the least flexible person in the world to the most flexible.
Stretch out tendons, move joints in sockets as far as possible.
Cracking spinal column like people snap their fingers.
Did not know that was possible.
Can produce a lot of pain that lasts days not ordinary muscle soreness.
I had to sleep 12 hours to recover 1 night.
Sleeping on the floor helps – more firm and flat than mattresses and hammocks.
Lets joints fall slowly into a more normal configuration overnight.
Japanese traditionally sleep on mats I think – I knew a girl who did so in the dorms in USA.
I fold a comforter on top of a sleeping bag to get the right firmness.
Can move this simple bed into vehicle if SHTF or traveling for vacation.
Getting up and down off the floor is good exercise for flexibility balance


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