Sun and Lowest tax rate for the retired

Steve wrote:

If you click on the bottom of the page it talks about the best places to retire including more factors than taxes.
Alaska is the worst state for retirement, as on the attached list.
Hawaii has much better health care, senior services, and of course, weather.

Kiplinger has a more detailed discussion.

I was looking at Mississippi a few years ago the homeland of my Choctaw native American ancestors.
Many Southern States have favorable taxation and low cost of living and mild weather, sun, and beaches.
Probably Mississippi is the lowest overall but very hard to calculate.
A high cost of living in some states wipes out any advantage in low taxation.

Mississippi has some of the cheapest housing in the USA and other costs are very low too.
University is in a small town but amenities of a large city.
Far south so lots of sun.
Gulf Coast Beaches.

Mississippi has the cheapest property taxes in the nation.
Seniors qualify for a homestead exemption on the first $75,000 of value.
So buy cheap and pay no property taxes at all.

State Sales Tax
7% state levy. Only two localties, Jackson (1%) and Tupelo (0.25%) add to that.

Income Tax Range
Low: 3% (on less than $5,000 of taxable income)
High: 5% (on more than $10,000 of taxable income)

Social Security
Benefits are not taxed.

Exemptions for Other Retirement Income
Qualified retirement income

Best And Worst States To Retire.pdf


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