Honolulu High quality medical VA + civilian Hospitals, peer support healthy not sicko

Huge High ranked Queens Hospital.
Also huge VA – fairly high quality ranking attached.
Both close to downtown, beach, university
HI is the main medical care center for thousands of miles around so can handle anything including wars and other catastrophes.

I avoid all medical and so far been lucky except 2 warts removed.
I want to learn how to do more tests on my own body correctly to optimize all measurements.
University of Hawaii has cheap tuition and faculty resembles ivy-league with good medical college, pharmacy college, etc.

Doctors Nurses Professors and other top professionals accept lower pay to work in paradise and live longer.
Many rich people on the islands do pay top $$$ for best possible care attracts in more professionals.

Also clean water and air is a big attraction.
Non-fluoridated water so less dementia autism etc.
And year round fresh fruits, vegetables and coffee – all high quality. Why buy cheap if it kills you?
Pay more to get more.
Pick it yourself.

Tornado weather here today.
Perpetual rain, lack of sunshine, cold — why so many ruin brain and body by sitting indoors, eat junk food, electronics, drugs, alcohol, tobacco Good for doctors $$$$ but they classify you as sheeple to be fleeced.
Doctors cannot handle surfing injuries, running, athletics, etc. because they have little experience with active healthy people. Depressing to live among sickos
Bad habits will rub off on you and kill you.
Get daily peer support from healthy people and go to doctors who see mostly healthy people.

Outdoor Hawaii is the best.
Beauty year round with mild weather why so many outdoors people move there. Far from politics DC.
Unplug from the rat race.
Better to be happy healthy and poor in Hawaii
than dead and rich anywhere else
VAMC Hospital Quality of Care.pdf


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