learned helplessness vs move to best weather near Beaches and University

Learn to escape an unhealthy environment and move to a better environment
endures repeatedly painful or otherwise aversive stimuli which it is unable to escape or avoid.
After such experience, the organism often fails to learn “escape” or “avoidance”
clinical depression and related mental illnesses may result from absence of control over the outcome of a situation
American psychologist Martin Seligman initiated research on learned helplessness in 1967 at the University of Pennsylvania
People who perceive events as uncontrollable show a variety of symptoms that threaten their mental and physical well-being.
They experience stress, they often show disruption of emotions demonstrating passivity or aggressivity, and they can also have difficulty performing cognitive tasks such as problem-solving.
They are less likely to change unhealthy patterns of behavior, causing them to neglect diet and exercise
Depressed patients often express feelings of helplessness and uncontrollabilityAbnormal and cognitive psychologists have found a strong correlation between depression and learned helplessness

Below images:
The Wide Green Belt is the USA Average temperature range.
The 3 colored lines are the average city high low mean.
I am looking at mostly university cities with beaches nearby, or the beach itself.

University of Florida Gainesville gets hot in summer but is great in winter
Has a great Medical college and hospital

Galveston Texas medical college beach area a little cooler

Rehoboth Beach Delaware near Washington DC
somewhat cool to cold short summer very close to USA average
Between 2 of the top 4 medical colleges in USA

Honolulu University of Hawaii beach area
A little cooler but never cools off very much.
Much milder winter than most of USA
Big city has everything

Lubbock Texas Tech University Oil Cotton fields gets hot
but low humidity high altitude, some snow in winter that melts fast in the bright sun.
Lots of sun even in winter.
Get rich $$$$

Melbourne Florida Institute of Technology Beach Area
Fairly warm year round
hot in summer, hotter than Hawaii and more humid.
Cooler than Hawaii in winter but not too cool.
Space Coast Disney World

San Diego Chicano Central
Great summer and winter weather.
Great universities and medical

Springfield Missouri
Sick White Trash Area
hot summer and cold winter
big crowded city with everything except fun

Las Vegas Gambling Prostitution
Hotter than Hell
but still gets cold in winter.
Great convention center but not much else worth the miserable weather and atmosphere.


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