sun requires move to best geolocation latitude and altitude.

Bikinis are essential to good health – clothes are destructive to mental and physical health.
Your whole body needs sun on the skin every day including your eyes.No sunscreen.
You must wear a bikini daily to get a smooth dose of sun.
You must see thousands of people every day walking around in bikinis.
It takes a village, a whole culture of sun worshippers.People are designed to work out in groups and learn the healthy lifestyle.
You cannot do it alone.
Monkey see monkey do.
If you live around sick then you will get sick too.
MS cancer many diseases are sun deficiency diseases in part.
If it gets too hot then people go indoors under air conditioner and destroy their health.
Also swim daily or at least wade in the water for hours to get electrons that are required in addition to sun.

Most places get plenty of sun in the summer but not enough in the winter so you cannot get proper dosage of sun.
Honolulu is probably the best large city beach area for winter sun but a little warm in the summer – over 80.
San Diego is cooler in the summer – tends to be less than 80 but also cooler in the winter.
Melbourne Disney world Florida beaches are warmer in the winter but quite warm in the summer around 90!
Galveston Texas about the same.
Las Vegas is far too hot in the summer 100+ and then too cold in the winter!
Much of the continent the same but cooler.
Missouri is too cold in the winter and then too hot in the summer.
Lubbock Texas has 3333 altitude so brighter sun, less fog.
Lubbock is rather cool at night even in the summers!
Lubbock winters do not hurt as bad as the freezing temps suggest as it warms up fast in sunny days.
But not real bikini weather in the winter and no beach.
Honolulu is the winner.

I am getting ready to move to better weather.
This past year I greatly reduced computer use and started reading more books and writing on paper and going to amazing lectures and meetings.
Internet use mostly off my phone that I can plug into big Apple iMac for use of websites.
Scan everything and put documents online in the cloud for safe storage.
Throw away everything else.

Electronics give off bad light rays while the sun gives off good light rays.
People are using more and more electronics and destroying their eyes and skin.
Negroes rarely get sunburns so blacker states have less skin cancer.
Latinos are also often quite dark – from hot sunny environments.
Rich white people in NYC SF get sunburns on ski trips and beach trips to Mexico, Cuba, etc.


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