Lost laptop… where?

Must have been on drugs or a complete idiot.
Laptop should be encrypted so nobody can access the information. Also can be traced or located or erased if managers were competent.

Some of the items listed on the laptop look incorrect – should not have been on the laptop

Why did thief arrive by car and flee on foot? unclear article.

Laptop can be put in motorcycle trunk if the motorcycle was so equipped.
Maybe be a ruggedized trunk if valuables are carried in it but obviously not very safe.
Probably laptop should not have been in Brooklyn either, should be kept at duty site or nearby residence, possibly.

Trump better have his private security.
Government incompetent at all levels.
Government is the Tool of Crooks destroying the USA economy and environment. Will all collapse.

I googled Bajaj motorcycle
May be appropriate for NYC and other third world slums to dodge potholes, addicts, traffic jams, gunfire, minorities,…

On May 2015, its market capitalisation was US$9.5 billion, making it India’s 23rd largest publicly traded company by market value. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bajaj_Auto

Bob wrote:

Is any of this making sense to anyone? Female SS agent stores a lot of sensitive stuff on a laptop and leaves it in her 2015 Bajaj motorcycle parked outside in Brooklyn NY. I have no idea where one would “store” a laptop on a motorcycle outside or even WHY one would do that unless the deal to deliver was going down.

I never heard of a Bajaj (Indian) motorcycle before but then I’m an old geezer. So chicks ride these bikes and keep their duty hardware “in” them, I see. I wonder if the agent is LGBT. Secret Service hunts for stolen laptop with Trump Tower floor plans

By Larry Celona, Tina Moore and Chris Perez

A Secret Service laptop containing sensitive information about Trump Tower, details about the Hillary Clinton e-mail probe and other national security secrets was swiped from an agent’s motorcycle in Brooklyn

The computer was taken Thursday morning from the driveway of agent Marie Argentieri’s Bath Beach home

The thief drove up to Argentieri’s home around 8:40 a.m.,
walked right up to her Bajaj motorcycle and took the items. He was then caught on video fleeing the scene on foot.

Argentieri told investigators that the laptop held sensitive information about national security, floor plans for Trump Tower,
evacuation protocols
details about the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server.

A black bag with the Secret Service insignia on it was also taken — along with an access keycard,
several lapel pins that Secret Service agents are required to wear when protecting the president and other sensitive documents
An agency-issued radio, used for closed-circuit communications between agents


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