Where you belong. Civil War. Excellent Opinion Piece by Economist Bill Holter-Playing With Fire-Joe Six Pack

It should be easy to avoid negro riots especially in California where negroes are a declining share of the population and increasingly spread out.
I never saw any riots – I was all over the area but no hint of any problems where I frequented several miles away.
I don’t know anybody who saw the riots but I do know some who left after the Rodney King riot. LA is a powder keg ready to blow so getting harder to avoid problems.

Even without any big political event you can be persecuted individually.

In California the problem is more likely a complete takeover of the government and assets by Mexico or Mexican drug kingpins. Assisted by elections, guns, appointments to office, seize offices, etc. They can get more $$$$ than by selling drugs!
They can take over CalPERS, STRS, all the big pension funds and banks. Seize fancy houses for living in or resale.
Seize all the farm land.
Farm pot or whatever will bring most money.
Sieze all the houses for resale or living in.
It would be very hard to stop when so much of the population Mexican or Latino in favor of takeover Aztlan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aztl%C3%A1n#Use_by_the_Chicano_movement

Beware of any elections.
Chicanos may win enough to split off, or seize the rest.

Texas was an independent country, part of the confederacy, part of Mexico. Under 6 flags recently
Borders are not constant.

Some states are safer than other.
Be ready to roll if you do not match your states demographics. I like it around here as I fit in quite well.
I belong here.

> On Mar 2, 2017, at 2:18 AM, Steve wrote:
> Ron,
> We rolled into LA on night one of the riots. We worked out of LAFD Firestone. Total SHTF. 10,000 fires, martial law. With 4 officers per squad car we escorted fire trucks and set up perimeters around the scene. Fire fighters were getting shot before we got there. 2000 CHP Officers from around the state responded. >
> You’re right…LAPD basically retreated as they were ordered to by the freaking politicians. >
> Riots were ongoing until USMC Units, commanded by Colonel Kelly, now Homeland Security Director, rolled up from Oceanside and shut it down. >
> Civil unrest is anarchy. The futher I am from metro areas the happier I am. That SHTF can happen suddenly, without warning, like Watts in 1965, also started by the CHP. >
> The Rodney King Crap was started by CHP Officer Melanie Singer and her partner husband because they did not take control of the suspect. They called for back up and LAPD did…the rest is history. >
> I have met some Koreans in Alaska that were in Korea Town during the riots. They were former ROK Army soldiers and TOUGH. They shut down gangs that attempted looting in Korea Town with GUNS! Amazing how that works☻ >
> , Ron wrote:
> Steve,
> You raise another point that has not been addressed: ie The level of response by LE and the National Guard. Had a friend that was in the National Guard that was deployed in 1992. He told me they were initially not issued ammo. Jim told me they were the victims of “drive bys” until ammo was eventually issued. I also recalled video and photos of an LAPD cruiser leaving the area of the riots and announcing residents were on their own. Also the front cover of a 1992 issue of “American Rifleman” (still have my copy) with the photos of Korean shopkeepers defending their businesses on rooftops after the authorities had abandoned the area. When I was 9 years old I was visiting my aunt and uncle in Watts area of Los Angeles in 1965. I recall the National Guard with M1 Garands and bayonets fixed patrolling the streets below thier apt. A curfew was declared and I believe some were shot and killed. Fast forward to the Berkeley “Milo” riots of a couple of weeks ago. I watched extensive video where LE stood down and bystanders were left unprotected. City and University officials had decided property damage was acceptable. In realty I believe their political sentiments were with the black shirted Fascist rioters. LE take an oath to the US Constitution. However their pay and pensions are with the city and state. During Katrina I read where approximately 160 New Orleans Police quit or abandoned their posts. Some themselves resorted to looting. >
> Sincerely,
> Ron
> On 1 March 2017 at 20:30, Steve wrote:
> I was in the Rodney King Riots 25 years ago. I have warning others for 15 years civil unrest would return. That was the MAIN REASON I moved to ALASKA IN 2011☻ >
> , Ron wrote:
> Believe riots this Spring will start in California. Specifically Los Angeles. The gym I belong to has military and LE types. More awake than the general public. They have expressed their concern to me after we become coversant. Have worked out at this gym since 1979. Currently there is much less interaction between members especially different races. On blogs I have noticed some persons posting that there is a different aura in public places. Also my observation. Calm before the storm? >
> Ron
> On 1 March 2017 at 17:34, joe wrote:
> The Pen is mightier than the sword.
> Move to DC
> Defend King Trump.
> Work in politics.
> Learn Journalism and writing.
> Civil war is increasingly likely in California, or secession. > I am rethinking whether I want to move to Texas.
> If California explodes AZ NM NV LV TX may also blow up too. > Florida is more stable and has Sunshine beaches and Disney world. >
> Los Angeles 1980 was called the only third world city in north America. > Has only gotten worse.
> You would not believe what I have seen even in the SF bay area. > 1995 I gave up on California and left the state.
> State of Jefferson those counties in north California and Oregon and Humboldt are different but huge drug problems and mental illness. > Best avoided.
> Assassinations of popular presidents sometimes happen.
> Be prepared in either eventuality.
> > On Mar 1, 2017, at 2:51 PM, Ron wrote:
> >
> > They Are Playing With A Revolution…By Joe Six Pack!
> >
> > I had a long conversation with Jim Sunday evening regarding the increase in volume and pitch to sabotage President Trump. He asked that I write an article addressing the push/pull toward impeaching or at least neutering him. The “movement” to impeach him (even before taking office) has grown and now looks like there are actual odds the “left” will try in reality. >
> > Americans put up with huge transgressions over the past eight (and many prior) years. Like it or not, we were led by a Muslim president, probably not a natural born citizen and of questionable sexuality …but we did not riot, we did not destroy our neighbors businesses. No, we voted, because that is the “civilized” thing to do… > >
> > What I am arriving at is this, Joe six pack will not stand idly by when he is finally told “your vote does not matter”. >
> > . What he will not accept is “your vote does not count”! >
> > We hope it does not come to this but the road map shows that most all roads do lead to it. >
> > The odds, whether you like them or not, appear to favor an internal civil war unless the bastards get us nuked first. > >
> > Does the push from the deep state continue with more volume and shrill? They need to be very careful in how and how far they push as Joe six pack has his limits… the election as proof. The race is on between impeachment and indictments. >
> > Arrests and perp walks of high enough profile individuals will go a long way toward this country taking the correct fork in the road)! > >


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