Dangerous places. Death Traps to benefit the rich 1%

Huge areas where you can easily die where nobody will find your bones.
No doctors, medical care, stores, cars, people…
Rural areas and smaller towns are dying, even small cities, suburbs and shopping centers infrastructure crumbling
As people migrate to bigger and bigger cities worldwide to escape genocide of rural people

Good idea from Panama Papers book.
The illegal economy is the economy.
Everything you do will be stolen by the rich 1% secret corporations in Panama and elsewhere.
Sucking sound of $ inflating the cost of condos in LA NYC Miami etc.
You choose be a slave in the cities or dead in the poor rural areas.
Most will choose cities – competing with illegals, immigrants, and minorities for pennies.
Or just get shot in a city — better than dying in the wilderness your corpse food for coyotes and buzzards.

Can be no justice in this society formed by crooks and riff-raff from other continents.
Send all thieving illegals back to their ancestral homeland.
Return more land to Native American Original Owners circa 1492

As of the 2010 census, there were 4,871,270 blocks with a reported population of zero, while a block that is entirely occupied by an apartment complex might have several hundred inhabitants.
Census blocks covering the entire country were introduced with the 1990 census.


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