Lyme Disease spread by tick bites, deer, mice

I maybe got bit last summer.
Lyme disease can cause arthritis, heart transplants, paralysis, many real bad symptoms if untreated.

Idiot doctors often misdiagnose.
Hard for even a good doctor to diagnose many such conditions.
Crook doctors misdiagnose to get paid more for worthless treatments.
Hypochondriac patients push doctors to a desired diagnosis and treatment.
Always live near smart doctors, not dumb crooked doctors.

Ticks spread by mice and deer that are rampant in the eastern forests.
Spreading As fast as the mice and deer can travel across the country from Connecticut where the disease began.

Bad climates kill mice and deer and thus kill ticks and slow the spread of Lyme disease.
Extremely Hot, cold, dry generally miserable climates are safer.
Southern heat and humidity may also be bad for ticks, mice, deer.
It depends on the species.

Stay out of the woods, campgrounds, and rural areas.
If you live in a city you will be safer.
Concrete, steel, asphalt, smog, cats, cars, trains, trucks kill off deer, mice, ticks.
Bring back wolves to reduce the deer population back to normal


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