Hi 90 lo 20 genes Lubuntu

Warm days.
It was 70 at 7:00 PM yesterday.
Then dropped to 40 overnight
20 tonight.

Family records are not useful because there are adoptions, adultery, lies, errors.

Must have DNA genetic records. Genes are a small part of total DNA that impacts DNA expression. Human body contains mostly non human DNA microbiome from diet and history and lifestyle. That helps turn genes on and off. Then epigenetics changes gene expression. Knowing genes does not tell you much without the rest.

I have been installing Lubuntu lightweight Linux on a laptop computer. Tedious.

Bite the bullet. Get mobile in case SHTF. Can live off smart phone and laptop. Fit all in a backpack.

Lots of students hanging out in hammocks. Books. Computers. Phones. Like rolling Stones. Don’t need much nowadays.

Get ready to roll.
Or run.
I find indoor walking and exercise unaesthetic but effective. Average 10 miles per day. Adding in some weights.

I thought I was getting leg joint problems but by hard walking they feel much stronger. Was just atrophy. Use it or lose it.

Indoor rubber track 0 foot pain that caused me to walk less than outdoors hiking on uneven surfaces. Shoes last longer. No snakes bugs guns dogs bird shit coyote crazy people snakes cars bikes skateboards rain hail lightning problems I faced daily for years.


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