Get ready to move. Avoid news. Berkeley $ Follow the Money Research or Propoganda, tracking on facebook.

Research reflects the values of who pays for it.Truth or Propaganda?
Unbiased Researchers have day jobs and often ignore “news”
Republican talking heads for white sheeple.
Democrat talking heads for black sheeple.
Each kind of sheeple have dedicated talking heads for them on facebook , tv, radio, etc. etc.
Vast tracking empire HQ near leaning tower of San Francisco follows everything you think or read so you get the info you deserve to support the status quo.

Even in technical fields such as medicine the consensus may not be right if they are getting paid to research or administer expensive drugs, coffee, junk food, etc.
Study Mathematics and Science topics that are not related to what commentators comment on.
Get proper exercise, diet, sleep, sun, etc.
Avoid fossil fuels, electronics.
Get rid of junk – anything that hobbles your movements.
Move to a 0 tax red state with sunshine and beaches.
Ignore politics unless you are running for office or get a job as a talking head.



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