buy PDR. High altitude healthy Arizona

I found high altitude Tahoe much better breathing than foggy wet San Francisco Bay area that was much better than Fresno death valley.
Flagstaff Prescott Arizona are high, south, sunny fairly low cost, low tax area close to Phoenix Mayo Clinic and Medical colleges.
Much cooler and nicer than Las Vegas nearby without all the vice, gambling, tobacco, seedy atmosphere, etc.

Say no to drugs.
I took 9 pills in my life, mostly aspirin that I thought might be preventative but I don’t like it.
If you must take drugs get a used copy of PDR Physicians Desk Reference.
Cheap at Amazon or free at medical school trash cans new edition each year for all the new drugs and studies.
More than one drug you really got to study carefully the interactions.
Also interactions with foods, lotions, etc.
Nobody knows it all, doctors don’t have time to learn, PharmD knows more but not enough.
On this topic People’s Pharmacy has good free download podcasts this week.

Prevent SHTF rather than dealing with SHTF.
College classes in biochemistry and medical topics are available in Flagstaff etc.
Walking to class is exercise and other students may have interests similar to you.’_Desk_Reference


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