change your genes. cure disease. live like your ancestors

Get a copy of your genes.
You can put all your relatives genes on a DVD.
Know your genetic history.
Study disease probabilities in your genes.
Learn what foods to eat to make the best use of the genes inherited from your ancestors.
Use CRISPR to change your genes to prevent cancer
Use CRISPR to cure cancer or other diseases.
Change all your daughters into dumb blondes.
Change your brain into a smart brain.
Move to a sanctuary city college to learn science while idiots waste time on politics and demonstrations.
Enjoy long life without disease.
Avoid the military because liberals will not appreciate you and will deny the Native American holocaust.
Liberals will reproduce like rabbits, import invasive species, steal and destroy native American land.
Liberals will live fancy in sanctuary cities, hoard valuable fiat money instead of giving veterans what veterans deserve.


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