0 tax Nevada escape California vs Tennessee Sunshine better health?

I would probably prefer eastern Tennessee 0 income tax.
TN Has high elevation but a better ecosystem, rain, plants, animals. TN is Farther south more sunshine so is more healthy, potentially. TN is Closer to many big cities including DC, not just Sac SF. TN eastern has 2 Medical colleges, big university, Oak Ridge National Labs, etc.
But I already know California, SF, Silicon Valley, Sac and North Nevada would not have to learn TN So might be tempted to move to Nevada more than TN
NV people are healthier than TN because they are CA escapee vegetarians Chinese food etc.
TN drink mountain dew and eat junk food from infancy such as Mary Tyler Moore alcoholism diabetes.
Alcohol is sugar slightly processed by yeast – similar impacts on liver and brain pleasure centers. Avoid sugar and alcohol.
TN MO smokes tobacco too, real bad.
TN around universities may not be so bad but hard to avoid unhealthy people the whole culture. You become like the people around you – monkey see monkey do. Choice of location is critical.
Sell everything, live out of a briefcase, learn survival, fly to the best location, walk everywhere, off the grid.
I am still throwing away junk, paperwork, that I have hauled around for years, waste of time.

I thought I was in good shape when I moved up to Lake Tahoe from San Francisco Bay area. But immediately I started feeling a lot better in Tahoe.
Probably due to clean air, lack of allergens in the high altitude. Also more bright sun Vitamin D Nitrous Oxide etc.
More upscale not so many poor diseased people as in Bay area.
Got terrific cardio vascular workouts biking up steep grades breathing as fast as I could.
Problem with Tahoe is incessant snowfall leaving no place to walk or bike in the winter. I had to drop to a lower elevation such as Reno or Carson City. Or between Silicon Valley and San Fernando Valley which was a mistake.

Carson City Nevada is a 0 income tax destination popular with California escapees. Not as seedy as Reno gambling areas or high tax Oregon.
A little higher elevation than Reno with easier road up to the lake to cool off in summer. Gap in mountains allowing cool air in the summer to roll down into Carson City. You can get back to California faster if SHTF.
There is medical in Sacramento only 2 hours away, better in SF 4 hours. 3 ways:
up to the lake north shore connect to I-80 big trucks to Sac SF.
up to the lake south shore connect to hwy 50 to Sac 2 lane in places twisty slow busy.
way south hwy 88 to Stockton Fresno LA 2 lane dangerous miss Sac SF traffic get on 99 or I-5 Stockton.
Las Vegas is too hot but does have a lot of interesting huge conventions and concerts.

I very much dislike filing state income tax forms even if the tax is low. I Hope to move to a 0 income tax state soon.
South Dakota is unique in that you can be a state resident without living there much. But too cold 9 months of winter and not much population or economy. Find a Better 0 income tax state.

Problem with 0 income tax is they usually raise your sales taxes, property taxes, vehicle fees, or some other tax.
Also they are often far north without enough sunlight in winter, cold, ice you can slip on and fall trapped indoors. Probably why people have been retiring in Florida for 100 years. Buy a condo Near Disney World Beaches Space Coast.
Rent it out during the summer busy season while you cool off in New Hampshire ski condo talk to Boston Ivy League people when classes not in session

Tax Rates:

sales income property
8.0 0.0 0.8 Nevada
8.0 0.0 2.1 Texas
7.8 0.0 1.5 South Dakota
13.0 0.0 0.8 Tennessee
0.0 0.0 2.0 New Hampshire
7.5 0.0 1.0 Florida



Moore’s son Richard died of an accidental gunshot to the head while handling a sawed-off shotgun The model was later taken off the market because of its “hair trigger” Moore was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 33
She also suffered from alcoholism
In 2014, friends reported that she had heart and kidney problems and was nearly blind


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