Trump, Nevada 2017? : Las Vegas 1975 v Las Vegas 2011

65 degrees 2 days in a row.
Sunny yesterday, overcast today, warm even after dark.

I would prefer Knoxville Tennessee and Delaware for a middle latitude zero income tax state.

Nevada is a “medical care desert”
Las Vegas is 4 hours from UCLA medical center.
Reno is 4 hours from UCSF medical center.
Both hard drives. You would die en-route.

Nevada was founded on vice – gambling, prostitution, easy divorce, and what you want to hide
“what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”
Inhabited by poor servants, addicts, and criminals kicked out of California or hiding from the law.
A fair number of very wealthy, often stolen or unethically obtained wealth.
Vegas does have lots of conventions, huge conventions, and major concerts and other entertainment.
Some of this would be worth going too.
But Vegas is too hot in the summer.
Boring and probably not even worth even a visit.

I would prefer Reno with easy San Francisco access when needed.

Reno has bearable weather, lots of sun at high altitude.
Lots of good housing built by illegals, reasonably priced, California refugees avoiding taxes.
Downtown Reno, Casinos, Hospital, University all a few hundred yards walk, lots of parking
Sunny in winter, not too hot in summer and you can drive quickly up to 9000 feet and Tahoe to cool off.

Tahoe is by far the best part of Nevada.
Maybe the best summers in the USA.
Very wealthy but there is a poor servant class there too, but they often commute in.
But 60 feet of snow in winter makes walking around difficult.
Not much going on so would not be a place to live, but not bad to visit.


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