$125 and up moccasins made by USA men in Maine

Leather soles transmit more electrons to the body than plastic and rubber.
Electrons are needed for human body chemical reactions.

I almost moved to Maine beach instead of Missouri.
Decades ago there were many shoe companies in New England
Usually high quality hand made – some are still in business.
Buy American and pay more for higher quality.
LL Bean in Freeport Maine too.

http://www.wassookeagmoccasins.com/Handcrafted Leather Moccasins
American Made Quality. Maine Made Craftsmenship.
Wassookeag Moccasins offers genuine hand sewn leather moccasins, made in the USA, made to order, one at a time by skilled craftsmen in our small shop in central Maine.
Each pair of our unique handmade leather moccasins are constructed from our supple yet amazingly durable Buffalo Hide, Bullhide, or Cowhide leathers in a variety of styles such as our lightweight soft-sole moccasin slipper, or our sturdy indoor/outdoor canoe moc. All styles are available with our plush deerskin lining.
We pride ourselves in doing what few others are able to or willing to do, we take the time to hand craft our moccasins one at a time, with all the attention to detail they deserve.



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