“gluten exposed” Dr. Peter Green, Columbia, New York City

I read the whole paper book (easier on the eyes than electronic readers.) I recommend it.
Written in simple language for lay persons.
Lots of information I have not seen elsewhere.
Patient stories, strange symptoms, …
Complicated subject not well understood research needed.
Microbiome, genes, brain, gut, germs, emotions…

Really bad things can happen to you if you eat gluten depending on x. Can often be cured just by getting off gluten.
Gluten sensitivity is more common than celiac disease.
One third of the population should not eat gluten?

However I never had any of those symptoms.
I probably do not have the 2 most dangerous genes.
I will go back to eating some wheat and rye sometimes.
Most is not very good nowadays so I don’t eat much anyway, only by accident. But not a big concern for me.
Chinese sell solid gluten in their grocery stores as a vegan source of protein. Gluten may be better than meat.
Over a billion Chinese so gluten must not be fatal.

If you got to eat then eat the better foods.
Avoid gluten-free processed foods that is mostly junk food.
Avoid rice – contains arsenic.
Brown rice is worse than white rice as arsenic is in the brown but I like brown. Wash rice carefully as arsenic can dissolve and float away.

Lots of tips and info in this book.
Interviews online.

Ignore fake news and politics.
Study medical topics.
Get healthy.
Get mobile and ready for SHTF.
Move to a new state ASAP to verify your disconnection from the grid. Different health hazards in each state.
Leave before your local hazards kill you.
Study before ignorance kills you.



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