hi 66. State Move plans. Get Ready SHTF

Really warmed up, like 80 degrees in 2 days?
Strong breeze from the south ….gulf coast.
The winter cold is less troublesome than the summer heat for outdoor exercise. But ice storms, rain, lightning are not good to be outside in.

Weather here is good and dozens of indoor areas to exercise.

Always Move Jan 1 to get your voting, driving, insurance, residence, jobs….
everything lined up on the calendar year for tax authorities and other regulations.

Lots of people move.
Move to find weaknesses where you are too much on the grid.
If you can jump from state to state without losing mails, electricity, bank deposits, etc.

Junk in the house is a warning that it will be hard to move.

Any bill is a warning that you are on that grid.
and you are paying for something that causes cancer heart disease, dementia, diabetes, genes, arthritis, etc.

Strip down to necessities in case SHTF.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.
Exercise brain and body.
Get strong and smart.
People move all the time.

Where We Came From and Where We Went, State by State – The New York Times.pdf


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