Get out of California: CalExit OP ED

USA had a civil war when some states wanted to secede 1860s.

Draft dodgers want to fight a similar war??? Cowards?
Is that logical?
Proponents have been smoking too much pot?
Pot smokers in Humboldt County California have for decades wanted to secede and a “State of Jefferson” Now getting rich off marijuana growing.

California has always been known as a looney bin, crazy ideas everywhere.

California only stays afloat buoyed by QE quantitative easing and similar earlier conspiracies.

USA Federal Reserve co-conspirators dump valuable fiat money $$$$$ into the financial system who “invest” in tech companies that usually go bankrupt.

Now they are financing tracking companies phones, ads, scripts that follow, photo, hear everything the sheeple do thru their phones, computers, cars, refrigerators, etc.
And electronics and metals that destroy brains and bodies to dumb down and wear down the sheeple and control their voting. Not cost effective and disruptive of work but they do not care.

Large metallic SUVS disrupt the magnetic fields that normally help maintain health.
Electrical motors whirring high rpm much more disruptive than reciprocating piston fossil fuels. Batteries worse than fossil fuels.
Huge electric trains and trucks very disruptive.
Not cost effective but with trillions of QE $$$$ they can pay for it in the short run.

Later declare bankruptcy and installed crooks in the courts will let them walk away.

Don’t play that game.
Go somewhere that is doing something socially productive.

Sell Alaska to Russia.
Sell Hawaii to Japan.
Sell Puerto Rico to the UK.

Return California to the Native Americans.
Return all the Western States to Native Americans.
Return all unused land to Native Americans.
Concentrate on returning the invaders to their native lands.


> , Bob wrote:
> CalExit-Urging a Yes Vote.
> January 7, 2017
> CalExit is the “Brainchild” of these leftists crybabies here in California to withdraw California from the union. You see, now that Trump and his Horrible Deplorables have taken over, it’s just too much for the prissy-pants wittle snowflakes to brook. They need their wittle shelters to shield them from reality. So now they want to take California and stomp home with it like it is their ball on the playground. To which I say, why the hell not. Get out, please, go as far away as possible and then keep going. >
> I’ve written about this before, but why exactly does the U.S. have to stay together? Why couldn’t we split the U.S. into something like 50% land and/or states going to the liberals and 50% to us wretched deplorables? >
> This is the reality. Fight as hard as you want but 10 years, 30 years, 50 years from now this country is still going to be divided roughly 50/50. Don’t we all know that? When has there ever been anything like a lopsided tilt in the history of the country? Look at the last 200 years of elections. It’s always roughly 55/45, and when it’s 60 % on one side it’s consider a blowout. It’s not going to change. Why not face it? As a right/libertarian I also advocate legalizing drugs. I’m not for drugs but it seems to me that the reality is that drugs are never going away regardless. And I do mean never. So again, come on. Why not make the best of the situation. >
> It would be something like this. The libs get the Northeast and the Pacific coast. That’s roughly 25 states. The “Horrible Deplorables” get the South and the Midwest. Their side could be called the “People’s Republic of Goodness” and ours could be called the “Horrible Deplorables Wasteland.” (


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