minds, magnetics, electronics, elections, facts to protect yourself

Sheeple are losing their mind
EMF disturbances
Bombarded by electronic and magnetic fields
Surrounded by iron, steel, vehicles, reciprocating engines, refrigerators, electric ranges, cell phones, cordless phones, TV, Radio, air conditioners, heaters, etc.
Junk food turning sheeple into lead-acid batteries poisoned by lithium, cadmium, selenium, mercury, lead, heavy metals, Trump Drudge Goldman Sachs alt right controlling their voting

Human brains, bodies very sensitive to EMF chemical genetic geographic interactions Most people live far from their ancestral homelands
eating foods very different from their ancestors
blasted by all sorts of radiations pollutions
chemicals in air water food beds furnitures stores
A recipe for deflating health and wealth and mind control by the powers that be. Show up for learning and work on how to protect yourself.
If you don’t then somebody else will get that power and control you. Dog eat dog survival of the fittest.

Move immediately to medical college and get the facts decades before your doctor knows. Website below has a lot of information
You can buy all sorts of sensors including at amazon.com
But not exactly what you need to be looking at
Must get MD PHD to know more, or at least absorb similar knowledge by studying, talking and interacting on college campus. Learn how to do lab tests.
I get some tests, but there are hundreds and it is hard to do any test right or often enough to monitor what needs to be monitored. Prioritize and learn




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