high tech electrocution of the brain, cancer, electronic indoctrination TV

Cordless phones & cell phones are slow electrocution of the brain Can become sudden death by high technology.

Wifi is weaker and bluetooth is weaker yet – keep away from head. But all this stuff is suspicious.
Use rotary dial phones on real phone lines.

Refrigerators are powerful electronics, as are air conditioners, ranges, hot water heaters. Move to brand new apartment ASAP.
The trend is to weaker and weaker electronics (cheaper) so new is better. Turn down or turn off as much as possible.
Open the windows 24×7 to breathe fresh air.

Eat in restaurants, shop daily, eat raw stuff at home.
Go to the beach all day, or hike in the desert to get lots of sunshine. Use computers at the university and turn off laptops before coming home.

Carcinogens in your home, in the air, in your food.
Don’t add excessive electronics to the mix.
TV gives off bad wavelengths of light and fake news so don’t get a TV. I don’t have a TV.
Go to library and read real books much faster than any electronic reading system and better for your eyes and brain.

Learn to play piano, violin, guitar, drums, etc.
Make $ playing live where the $s are.
Make your own music, don’t listen to electronic music.


electrocuted while listening to music on his cell phone


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