SHTF move to city. Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome

All animals carry disease. 1 mouse can kill you. I think I got this often fatal disease 3 years ago cleaning my storage unit where a mouse got in and lived and crapped and died. I Breathed some of the stinky thick air immediately got painful nasal, fever, went to bed 2 days during snowstorm. Was bad for a few hours but fever killed the virus in hours.

Should have tossed most of that stuff I was saving for a large farm house. I did toss most before buying farm anyway. Get rid of all junk that may be infested. Germs. Bedbugs. Ticks. Chemicals. Put important online. Live free ready to escape if SHTF.

Move to small modern apartment. 2nd floor or higher. off ground. No pets. clean. Fresh air. Orderly so no wasted time. Easy to heat cool. Close to work so can walk everywhere.

Pneumonia still a leading cause of death. I Have been advised to get 2 shot sequence. Sounds dangerous.

Always live near quality health care. 1 mile to emergency room Humans are fragile even if strong. Remote farms are dangerous. Farm animals are dangerous. Driving out to farm is dangerous and takes time away from work.

I went 60 years without missing class or work or military or appointments due to disease. I Did get minor food poisoning a few times on weekends traveling etc. Many colds that I ignore. Flu rarely.

37% fatality rate for mouse Hantavirus virus that I survived OK.


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