education, incarceration, extermination Re: Get ready SHTF soon. new year. LifeEdited is just another disinformation media funded by Goldman Sachs Silicon Valley where Rawles was trained in journalism, flunked out of engineering, medicine or anything important.

Survivalism reduces competition and cull out lunatics and idiots

Encourage self incarceration in homes or exile to Montana where those sheeple can be easily controlled electronically, shoot each other, shoot themselves, or die from lack of access to quality medical care euthanized by quacks and incompetents forced out of the big cities.

Self-deflation is cheaper than government elimination programs.
But if that fails, any sheeple outside the main herd can easily be picked off by big government drones.
Let them rot in place as nobody will go to remote location to find their dead bodies.

Survivalists can help steal more land from native Americans in those remote areas.
Their offspring can volunteer for military service in the middle east to steal more land from Palestinians, Gaza, and other Muslims. If they get beheaded or PTSD so much the better – less competition.

Big Government consists of people and is controlled by people.
They are constantly looking for new blood and new ideas to keep the empire going.
If you are not part of the power structure you effectively cede operational control to the powers that be.

Trump Alt Right Koch Walmart Goldman Sachs etc. is a globalist takeover of Big Government, Big Oil, Big Business, Big Banks, etc.
It can all fall apart in 2 years or can turn into a dictatorship and last 1000 years. It depends on who is sitting in which office.
Uneducated Sheeple are less important than in the past because they are electronically controlled by the internet, social media, TV, Radio, etc. dumbed down by junk food, disease, etc. Their choice is education, incarceration, or extermination.
If they are not a part of the solution then they are the problem.

To escape only option is to get on ebay and sell everything that stops you from moving to the best education.
Don’t stop learning until you have skills that are needed by what ever faction takes over the government.

Trump, Clinton, Obama, Bush, Bernie Sanders,… all politicians are not as different as the media makes them out to be. They all may create more problems than they solve.
USA needs better thinking.
Better thinking will not come from politicians.
(For example I figured out we needed a wall 40 years before Trump)

Figure out what is needed and look for a job where action can be taken. Toys are not jobs or thinking.
Toys are obstacles to motion and thinking.


> JOHN wrote:
> The survival blog is much more informative providing very useful info and links to more. Thanks Ron. >
> John
> On January 1, 2017, at 2:41 PM, Ron wrote:
> Went through the “Life Edited ” website. Wasn’t much impressed. Attempting to make “learned helplessness” of millenials more trendy. All are in a deflation except the 1% that receive free money from the Fed. This is never discussed by the legacy media. Elites attempt to promote having nothing as “Trendy.” Much more useful website is James Wesley Rawles’ “ Believe with a lowered standard of living in the USA in the near future basic skills will preempt “Smart Cars” and electronic gizmos.James Howard Kunstler’s “World Made by Hand ” probably gives a good overview. >
> just my thoughts,
> Ron
> On 1 January 2017 at 12:07, Lothar wrote:
> Getting rid of everything to make a transition into a FEMA camp easier ? Helping the Government with their control ?
> I would suggest to make it more difficult for them to control us. (Different approach)
> If you don’t own anything,[a big negative] “THEY” judge you ONLY by your age/looks, education, health and usefulness. > Termination after age 60 ? They decide !
> But if you still own [have power,self respect] a Home, SUV, Guns etc., authority respects you [also] on a different premiss.
> Living like a homeless [depending on the mood of the economy/others] might be exciting for a short time,[“The Runner”] but it feels super good to return to stable conditions [a mortgage free home [your castle], debt free semi-independent life] after a while.
> Depending/enslavement on/to the ‘Government controlled System’ will get you into trouble eventually. >
> Lothar
> Happy New Year !
>> From: Jo
>> Date: January 1, 2017 at 08:15:56 PST
>> Subject: Get ready SHTF soon. new year. LifeEdited
>> Sell all cars, SUVs, RVs, etc.
>> Move to where you can walk everywhere. Schools. Jobs. Shopping. I just did that. Easy nowadays with Lo interest rates cheap apartments all over. >>
>> If you have to move rent a Uhaul. Otherwise stay put and work. >>
>> Take pre med at college. Don’t stop until get MD RN etc. Don’t wait until you get sick. Takes years to reverse bad habits. And years for cures and learn good habits. Prevent or delay SHTF. >>
>> Get rid of all real estate before age 40. Get rid of all bills except necessities. Work 70 hours per week teaching younger people and fixing social and engineering systems. Help Trump Goldman Sachs make America great again. >>
>> Get on eBay and sell everything that cannot fit in smart car. I got old military duffel bag and various backpacks. Rent smart car to move or use Uber. >>
>> Or Fly and ship bags by UPS.
>> Use electronics e ink no backlight instead of paper.
>> Lots of good ideas in this blog but not radical enough.


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