Get ready SHTF soon. new year. LifeEdited

Sell all cars, SUVs, RVs, etc.
Move to where you can walk everywhere. Schools. Jobs. Shopping. I just did that. Easy nowadays with Lo interest rates cheap apartments all over.

If you have to move rent a Uhaul. Otherwise stay put and work.

Take pre med at college. Don’t stop until get MD RN etc. Don’t wait until you get sick. Takes years to reverse bad habits. And years for cures and learn good habits. Prevent or delay SHTF.

Get rid of all real estate before age 40. Get rid of all bills except necessities. Work 70 hours per week teaching younger people and fixing social and engineering systems. Help Trump Goldman Sachs make America great again.

Get on eBay and sell everything that cannot fit in smart car. I got old military duffel bag and various backpacks. Rent smart car to move or use Uber.

Or Fly and ship bags by UPS.

Use electronics e ink no backlight instead of paper.

Lots of good ideas in this blog but not radical enough.


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