move now. SHTF college. sell not buy

Ignore liberal news media ads for buying stuff conspiracy to fleece you and make it hard to move to safety if SHTFInstead get on ebay and sell everything ASAP before SHTF

Keep a hammock and what you can carry in a backpack and a Daimler Benz Smart Car.

Go to college to learn how to prevent SHTF using diet, exercise, sunshine,…
Or learn where to move to prevent SHTF
Or where to go under various SHTF scenarios
Especially good medical care in case of stroke, heart attack when minutes matter, life or death.

Enjoy life while growing your brain.
College students have had minimal contact with the grid for generations.
They get kicked out of dorms every few months so cannot carry much.

University libraries loaded with good real books so you don’t have to cart books around, just leave on shelf when not reading it.
Millions of books … you cannot do anything like it at home or electronically.
Free wifi everywhere.
Food everywhere, often very healthy better than what you can do at home and cheaper due to vast quantities buy in bulk.

Talk to people.
Get immediate verbal feedback to nip in the bud your crazy ideas, exorcise internal demons, etc.
Human brain organized to verbally and non-verbally interact in small groups, hunting parties, families, etc. in the same tent.

To impact the future you must teach people before they turn age 30.
Most learn little past age 20.
If you got nothing to teach then keep taking classes until you do.
Stop conspiracies before they happen.

College towns are fun and civilized compared to the fat barbarian invaders out in the wilderness, casinos, banks, fat suburban houses,..
Lots of cheap apartments so a Benz Smart Car is all you need to move (they actually have trunks!)

Travel thru the year to the best weather and learning / teaching opportunities.
Not too bad around here year round but 3 months of summer and 3 months of winter is better spent somewhere else.
Pick the best USA has to offer for the season.
I am Native American and belong here, my ancestors lived in tents.
Hammocks are the new fad, students hanging around everywhere – schools, parks, lakes,… watching movies on wifi, chatting with friends on skype, facebook, twitter,
I actually did some of this in college and the military and even as a working adult often moving.
Winter here tends to be dry and sunny so daytime feels warm under the sun even if temp is low.
Summer here tends to be cloudy so feels cool because no sun to bake your skin, car, clothes, house…. frequent rain cools off air fast



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