Red State Native American Redskins. I am part Choctaw

Red States have more Red Skin people, Native Americans.
One reason I prefer Red States (and also more Northern Europeans)
Blue States invaded by immigrants who filled up the east coast circa 1900 – Jews, Italians, Irish, Muslims, Blacks, and other invasive species.
West coast invaded and filled up by Mexicans, Asians, and Blacks since 1942.
Overpopulated fragile ecosystems are dangerous, especially when those people have grain brain dementia, drug addictions, fossil fuels, electronic disinformation,…

Hollywood Jews are jealous of Native Americans because we are more intelligent.
Hollywood movies portrayed Native Americans in a bad light until recently
Much negative stereotyping of people with high intelligence throughout the Americas to discredit the Natives.
Most native Americans have low self-esteem.

I am also part Choctaw that some relatives will admit to as
Choctaws are one of the “5 civilized tribes” probably the world’s smartest people.
We can blend in and adopt lifestyles of the invaders easily — and hide native origins.
In my case intermarried with the French upper classes that owned the best ecosystems of the USA west of the Mississippi River.
Choctaw were forced out of Mississippi during forced “trail of tears” march.
I live on that trail now, and my grandmother was born near the trail.
Stolen Mississippi lands were converted into plantations worked by negro slaves owned by white trash.
No longer a paradise, is a disease pit caused by modern diet and lifestyles imposed by Europeans.
That may be the branch of my family that was a “herbal doctor” medicine man.
I talked to one relative (great uncle?) in 1967 who was a vegetable enthusiast, along with his wife.
I still would like to grow my own herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, etc.
Must have water and land.



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