Galveston sun beach for winter College, $ jobs, Zero Income tax Texas! Boom

Oregon is good in the summer but bad in the winter when College is open.
Texas is good in the winter but bad in the summer.
The best weather requires moving thru the year.

San Diego is too far north.
I saw 3 snowflakes in November 17 1967 and it is rather cool in December and January.
Texas is better for the winter.

Always live within a mile of a Level 1 Trauma Center, especially as you get older.
SHTF happens.
Access to great health facilities is important as you get older.

Good Jobs and College Degrees are mostly Medical so get all your family educated.

Galveston beach has great winter weather colleges, hospitals, universities…
Always take 1 class per semester for life.
Wisdom is a journey not a race.
Grow your brain and improve your health at the same time in Texas sun on the beach.


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