Move for health and wealth. Re: brain electronics dangers not researched.


I have been doing much of this since high school.
The big battle now is computers and light.
My vision suddenly deteriorated a few years ago when I got an iPod and iMac and used them a lot.
Before I used the old fashioned CRT monitor and printed on paper most of what I read.
I even avoided CRTs back in the 70s and used mostly paper for computer programming. Math is paper and pencil.
I avoided color TVs and sat far away from them when visiting people who had TVs. I occasionally had access and used BW TV in the 70s some places I lived.

I bought iPod with retina screen because I could read very fine print on it. After a year or two I could not read that very fine print.
Now I am avoiding computers and vision is improving + Vitamin C etc. Will take more research to restore vision and probably move to sunnier location.

I have not bought any LED items.
I will go back to CRT monitors and get rid of all-in-1 flatscreen monitors. Will take more research.

When I first got home DSL Wi-Fi 24×7 circa 2007 my sleep suddenly deteriorated. When I unplugged this year sleep got better.
Depends on brand of wifi router and location in house – I tried several by accident. I have a dozen wifi near my home now but weak signal so sleep is ok.
I use wifi at the university – very fast (when students gone) and full time experts keep it more secure than home wifi.

I have slept on my first air mattress since July 1 worked out fine. First needed more air yesterday.
Many places lived slept on mats on floor, or office floors.

Slept on my farm in my first tent on a sleeping bag.
I think I like the modern air mattress better, modern Coleman cheap works fine. Keep tent in my SUV so I can leave immediately set up camp elsewhere.

I quit using phones in 1991, just use as answering machines. I cannot figure out how to use my smartphone.
I turned off the ringing but it still wants to vibrate.
I get junk calls all the time which is why I quit answering back in 1991. Waste of electricity.

I have lived without refrigerators some locations and replace with small if I get the chance.
San Francisco just walk down to corner fruit stands and get what I need twice daily.
Boston drive by fruit stand twice per day back in the 1970s after run by it before it opened. etc. etc.

Threw away almost all books last summer and other junk.
Still have a year of scanning and storage online of everything important. Big project.
Writing 2 books.
Can’t quite move yet.
Always move Jan 1.
New state, new taxes, voting, car registration, drivers license, health insurance, etc.

Frantic time shortage.
Really like my new apartment and new small city with all the services within 3 mile radius. I could live here the rest of my life.
But our high Sunday forecast in the teens or less due to global warming. Better weather where I lived before, different times of year. Get rid of junk use electronics to move faster maximize healthy sunshine.


> Alan wrote:
> Joe,
> Are you planning on following your own advice?
> Alan
> On Dec 13, 2016, at 8:18 AM, joe wrote:
> Sell cars and walk in the sun.
> Sell refrigerators and eat fresh, dried, fermented, canned. > Sell LEDs and sleep at night.
> Sell computers and read books.
> Sell phones and talk in person.
> Humans are turning into lead-acid batteries, lithium, NiCd, NiMH, Li-ion, Cadmium, Nickel, Arsenic, Mercury, Selenium, … > Get rid of heavy metals and other toxins in your body.
> Go to college to learn lab tests to measure poisons in your body and how to detoxify. > Move to safe location.
> Move frequently to new states to get less exposure to toxins in any particular state.
> Shop in numerous grocery stores and fruit stands to get foods from many geographical locations. > Diversify your risk.
> Absorb healing electrons from mother earth.
> Walk barefoot on the beach or in lakes.
> Sleep on the floor on animal skins in a tent.
> Don’t be a guinea pig.
> Prevent SHTF in your body.
> Mobility needed if SHTF.
> Sell anything you cannot take with you on foot.
> Work for Trump Goldman Sachs Rex Exxon Mobil Texas to be a rich globalist oil debt banker. >
> 周凯利
> >
> VIDEO: Physicist’s brain acts like ‘radio transmitter,’ helps unlock car > (@JohnTesh
>> Weird way to boost your car’s key fob signal:
>> Point it at your HEAD.
>> Fluid molecules in the brain help DOUBLE the fob’s coverage area. >>
> If I’ve walked away from my car without locking the doors and my remote is out of range, >
> I can often place the remote to my temple and it will suddenly have the range necessary to lock. >
> Is my head a giant antenna?
> Am I frying my brain ever so slightly be doing this?
> You’re not frying your brain any more than when you use a cell phone — which is to say, you’re not, because the radio waves aren’t powerful enough to cause damage. > I can’t speak to the rest of it.
> Amateur radio person here.
> It’s by no means a sure improvement. In general, holding it up will increase range. Higher is better, since you’re moving away from any obstacles on the ground (other cars, etc).
> Whether proximity to your body increases the signal is dependent on many factors. Yes, it could become coupled electromagnetically with your body and thereby give a bigger signal where the car is. Same thing may happen if you use a metal pole instead of your body. But will it work in any situation, every time? No. EM field propagation is really complicated.
> What I do when I’m lost in a giant parking lot is – I hold it up as far as my arm would reach. Seems to work somewhat better than at normal height.
> As far as frying your brain – relax, the field is orders of magnitude too weak for that. >
> It may be that your head is working as a ground plane effectively doubling the antenna geometry. IIRC cell phone antennas are often designed assuming the head works as a ground plane.


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