Move to healthy wealthy NH zero income sales tax

When SHTF they fix the big cities first, and may never fix rural areas. Let them freeze in the dark.

Remote areas have very long lines for utilities, food distribution, medical care, etc. Overly dependent on too many people to get life support.
If something breaks down they die and nobody knows or cares.
Even if working they don’t work well, expensive, low quality utilities, doctors,…

As 1000 years ago the King and rich retreat into the castle where the food was stored and they could protect themselves from enemies. People left outside perished.

Big government FDR rural electrification, rural water, etc. has put too many Americans too far from education and medical services. At tax payer expense.

Move the sheeple into the city where they can can be forced to get off drugs, TV, and junk food.
China moved a half billion people off the farms over the past few decades to where they would be happier, healthier, and less prone to revolution to get out of their misery. You can’t get them back on the farm after they have seen gay Paris. Give them phones computers high speed internet, etc. and a college education.
Cheaper than decades of diabetes, drug rehab, poor quality medical, expensive slow telecommunications, junk food delivered by lots of fossil fuels….


> On Nov 29, 2016, at 9:28 AM, Alan wrote:
> I like the simplicity of staying in one place with lots of privacy. Traveling usually puts you in areas with high population density. >
> Being self sufficient (unlimited water, firewood, solar electricity and growing organic food) in the event of war, unrest, solar flares, grid failure etc. I get uncomfortable when traveling, wondering if I could get back to safety if something happened. >
> Alan
> On Nov 29, 2016, at 9:24 AM, joe wrote:
> NH has ski areas all over, lots of hunting too.
> Summers are comfortable for vigorous outdoors activity.
> Tennis, bikes, sail, etc.
> The population is outdoors oriented.
> Around here and farther south people get driven indoors by hot weather so watch more TV. > They can’t play tennis well.
> Walking is an alien activity.
> Golf is their idea of exercise which is not much exercise riding around on golf carts. > The whole culture is not healthy oriented.
> Boston is well educated and high pay.
> They often fly south for winter.
> I tend to think one has to travel to the best weather at different times of the year rather than a fixed location. >
> 周凯利
>> On Nov 29, 2016, at 9:18 AM, Alan wrote:
>> I notice the note at the bottom says they do some smoothing. I am not convinced than New Hampshire is any better than the county I live in here in Tennessee. I am not fond of cold weather. It it gets much colder than here it would limit my walking, which is important for my health. >>
>> Alan
>> On Nov 29, 2016, at 9:15 AM, joe wrote:
>> I do not have any actual data.
>> CDC does post some maps for some diseases.
>> Other research posts other maps.
>> Not sure where all the data comes from.
>> I collect lots of such maps into a folder.
>> Can compare diseases of a region with the diet and lifestyle of a region. >> Helps determine what causes various diseases.
>> Changes over time.
>> 周凯利
>>> On Nov 29, 2016, at 9:13 AM, Alan wrote:
>>> Joe,
>>> Do you have the actual data broken down by county? I first category (35-96) is too wide a span to be meaningful compared, say, to the third category (106-114) >>>
>>> Alan
>>> A problem with this part of the country is the bad diets and lifestyle that leads to degenerative diseases – diabetes, stroke, cancer,… >>> Not sure if I want to live with so many bad influences around me.
>>> Boston New York was better when I lived there but even there not what it could be. >>> Mexicans, Latinos get sunshine in NM TX FL AZ and they eat beans. >>>



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