Cyber War College US Air Force Sun Texas German

This main war continues and getting quite serious.
Huge job vacancies getting bigger and bigger.
Move to Texas and learn Cyber Security.
US Air Force is leading the war from San Antonio Area Air Force Bases.
Make $$$ and don’t be a parasite.

University of Texas San Antonio is one of the highest ranked departments in Cyber Security.
The best area for training.
Numerous other top Universities in the Area, a few miles apart with big new freeways.
German retirement communities nearby Fredricksburg, New Braunfels, white german speaking people.
USAA bank headquarters, the best national bank if you qualify for membership.
Heavy military area got big due to General Eisenhower since WWII.
Really a fun vacation area, hill country, outdoors, rafting, white water.
Great river walk, one of my favorite convention cities, remember the Alamo.

Human Skin is the largest organ in the body, a solar panel that needs sun to produce nitric oxide, vitamin D, etc without which you will die
Very far south. No snow. Lots of sun. No smog in the hills NW of the cities.

University of Texas and Texas A&M are huge, very rich and highly ranked in engineering, math, etc.
But hard to get college acceptance.
UT San Antonio is easier to get into
Complete idiots get jobs cyber security nowadays.
Military has become a welfare program.
That is one reason the threat is so great.
If you can do real work you can get promoted and maybe actually help defend USA.
At least the pay $$$ is good.
Fun place to live.


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