Sheeple need shepherds. cooperation not competition of Clovis people

Rich 1% globalists run Walmart Amazon and big box shopping mall retail stores that bring in goods from all over the world.
Consumers love it.

Rich 1% globalists import Mexicans and Muslims to build houses so consumers can realize the American dream and buy a big house.

Drive cars built in Mexico, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea etc. to shuttle between their big houses and big box stores.

Eat in fast food restaurants often staffed by Mexicans serving food slaughtered by Mexicans or picked by Mexicans.

Then the sheeple turn around and complain about the globalists who run the system.
Biting the hand that feeds them.

Dumb 99% are worthless complainers who are clueless about how the system works or how dependent they are on the system.

They would not survive without the educated 1% who run the system

They should have stayed in Europe and Africa

If you want to eat a huge dangerous beast you have to learn to cooperate with your comrades.

You also have to be good at making your tools – spears, points, bows, arrows
No Walmart back then, or government checks, or globalists

Nowadays you need an MD Phd to figure out how to stop the coming plague or other SHTF scenario.

Many hard working scholars at your local university working to solve problems.
Not create problems as do politicians.


The Clovis People were also botanists well-versed in the use of plants for food and equipment.

They were geologists with a keen ability to seek out the best sources of New World flint for their finely crafted points and tools, and of ochre for use as a red pigment.

Clovis settled successfully into a broad range of environments.

A single animal could provide meat for weeks on end, and if dried, for much of the winter

Presumably, the hides, tusks, bones, and pelts were used to make household possessions, subsistence tools, for shelter, clothing.


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